A Timely Reminder to be Patient

I was running late and wanted to get to work on time but a bad decision to take a shortcut delayed the journey. It was a timely reminder to be patient and not take cuts to get to where I wanted to be.

Like any other Monday morning, all commuters were out in full force, from as early as 5am. It was back to school season and there was road construction along the Mandella Highway.

Running late spelt disaster because of the pile up of traffic.

That morning I left home at 6am and travelled with a friend of mine.

We both knew the traffic would be bad and wondered how we managed to leave so late knowing it was back to school season.

We were behind so we decided it would be best to take a short cut in an attempt to get ahead of the traffic.

We knew a route that would literally take us minutes ahead of all the traffic so we detoured.

As the car turned a simple thought came to me, a�?Suppose police turn unuh back? (what if we are turned back by the Police?)a�? A�

I quickly dismissed it not wanting to think of the worse thing that could happen.

I perhaps should have given that thought more attention as not long after we detoured we came upon a muddy path.

We remembered that it had rained over the weekend but we refused to turn back. We argued that the vehicle was big enough to go through.

Not so much.

We continued driving and got stuck!

My friend pressed his foot on the gas pedal but the car would not budge.

We were stranded!

We watched as other drivers came along. Some turned back after realizing the sad situation but others had already gotten too far to move.

The drivers worked together and attempted to push the car but nothing worked.

Finally, a driver of a four wheel vehicle came along who just happened to have a rope. The rope was tied to the back of our vehicle and we were pulled from a very messy situation.

Muddy, sweaty and embarrassed, we drove off almost two hours later .

We kept our windows up to block out onlookers as we drove on in shame.

a�?Look how we got stuck because we were impatienta�? I thought to myself as I reflected on all that happened that morning.

a�?Look how we thought the shorter path would have given us an advantage over everyone else and instead we had to watch everyone passing from a distance as we were stuck.a�?

I began to reflect on how we are often impatient with life and sometimes even impatient with God. We believe that things should always go the way we want them to. We want things to happen in our timing and when this doesna��t happen we lean on our own understanding and do our own thing only to end up in messy situations.

I recalled the thought I had of being stopped by the police when we decided to take the detour. I realized it was really an indication from God that there was something up ahead that would cause a problem.

Oftentimes we get that a�?lil feelinga�? or hear that a�?lil voicea�? and we blatantly ignore it thinking ita��s just our minds, only to get in trouble later and then we say, a�?Mi mind did tell me enuha�? (my mind had told me).

You see, patience is a virtue from God that we must practice. The lack of it can cause us to miss our blessings at times or be significantly delayed like I experienced that morning.

My friends, the word of God encourages us to be a�?anxious for nothinga�� (Philippians 4:6) and a�?better a patient man than a warriora�� (Proverbs 16:32).

God knows our journey and sometimes He will not always tell us exactly what we want to hear but if we are patient when He speaks He will most certainly direct us in the right path.

Glory to God!

[About the Author: Kyra Simpson also known as Kerry-Ann Simpson is a devoted Christian who lives in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She has a passion for media and is passionate about the things of God. She uses her talents to glorify Him.] code red male enhancement. viagra coupons walmart.