Monthly Archives: May 2013

“Mi caan bodda”, “I’m tired of this”, “I’m frustrated”, “when will this end?” “I can’t deal with this anymore!” I’m barely holding on.” Do you find yourself using any of these phrases or similar ones, more often than you would like to? Are there some circumstances that you are currently facing that makes you feel […]

I stood in the pharmacy last Sunday, looking at the hair products on the shelf; when suddenly I felt the dreaded feeling. ‘No God! This is not happening! Not here and not now!’ I immediately started to pray in my mind as I hurriedly walked away from the shelf and headed to the cashier. ‘May […]

The dreaded words kept ringing in my ears, ‘this relationship ended for me months ago!’ The statement was made a few weeks before by my ex-boyfriend, but the pain was still fresh. The cold look on his face as he uttered the words tormented my dreams. Depressive thoughts constantly attacked my mind: ‘You just weren’t […]