A moment in time

Today I received some bad news when I went in office. A co-worker who was in the hospital for little over a week died mysteriously. A few persons had gone to visit her yesterday and they all said she seemed fine. Though she was on oxygen she was talking and seemed to be on the road to recovery. Everyone was hopeful and was anticipating her release but this morning we received news that she died in the wee hours of the morning.

Passed awaya��thata��s the nice way to put it, the euphemistic way. What does it mean to pass away anyhow?

  • Pass a�� a verb a�� meaning a�� to move in a specified direction;
  • Away a�� an adverb a�� meaning a�� to a distance from a particular place, person, or thing.

I think about her, I think about the last time we spoke. The conversations were so brief but the few words we exchanged are the ones I now remember, a�?Sandie wa gwaan, mi boss dem deh derea��. That is what she would often ask before sending cheques to be signed. Today I found myself wanting to say, a�?if I had known…a�� but dona��t we always say that in the face of tragedy? If I had known I would have done what? Ask her how it was at home, how her relationship was going, or maybe just share something nice with her about God. I guess I would have best sex drugs. done the latter.

Ita��s funny how everything seems to go back to God these days. Somehow no matter what I think about or experience I always find my way back to him. As I pondered my co-workera��s death I heard Ecclesiastes coming back to me, a�?futility, futility, ita��s all futilitya��. Today I listened as some spoke about the pain her spouse must be feeling. I listened as they spoke about the 2 year old child she left behind. Amidst small talks of her wonderful personality, I observed as everyone carried on with their daily duties; meetings, phone calls, drafting documents, signing cheques…continuing with the unfinished business she left behind.

As I looked on and thought of her family and her child I found that deep inside there was only one thing that truly troubled me, just one. Did she get a chance to make it right with God? Did she accept him and invite him in as lord and saviour? Was she saved?

Today the importance of salvation became more real to me. I was reminded that we are only here on this earth for a moment in time and the moment like every other will pass away.

I encourage you reader to surrender your life to God. If you are already a christian hold fast to him.

As always be blessed.

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