A Peace of Advice

“And because you belong to Christ Jesus, Goda��s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds.” – PhilippiansA�4:7

He looked at me, very sure of himself. And why wouldn’t he be? The job he was offering had perks upon perks, and then some.

I could not believe the incentives that were attached either.

I needed time to process it all. It was an incredible offer.

Thinking aloud, I interrupted him mid-way of telling me how much the job would ‘change my life’, (his words) And I said, “You know this is not normal right?”

His response was something to the tune of, “Yes! but I want to make this an easy choice for you.’

It was a strange meeting. Rather than asking me, “Why should I hire you?” the majority of conversation was, “This is why I want you to work with me.”

I felt like I was interviewing him. I have never been on an interview so unorthodox in my life….and so ‘perfect’.

But something was off.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I had a feeling. At one point, I brushed it off as my naturally overactive suspicious mind trying to sabotage progress. However, even so, I could not make a decision until I was sure…and until I prayed.

And that I did.

I prayed one of my crazy prayers again, A�“God, I know I shouldn’t tell you what to do, but please don’t answer me in a sensing, or a coded vision that I ‘ll need revelation for or a vague word from somebody. I want a concrete answer. I want to be sure. I need a yes or a no Lord and whatever you say I’ll do.”

After praying, I waited and waited expectantly. One day passed, no answer. Two days passed, still no word from God. On the obat lasix. third day, I knew I had to give A�Mr. maybe employer a response, but the answer I was waiting for from God had not come as yet.

Or did it?

I remember sometime last year, I was in a similar situation, although not with regards to a job. I was made an offer and man was I desperate for a break. Initially I thought it was the answer to my prayers. But as much as the offer would have solved many of my then problems, I hesitated for a long time, just as I did this time and I couldn’t come to a decision.

My friend eventually gave me a piece of advice that proved to be valuable. She said, “If you don’t have peace with it, let it go.”

Truth be told, both situations had an air about them that made me feel a little unsettled. This unsettling made me uncertain. The uncertainty caused me to hesitate. And in my hesitation, I asked myself a question, “If this was God’s blessing to me, would it make me feel this way?”

The answer I came up with was a strong, “No!“. As a matter of fact, not only would God’s blessing give me peace and joy, but I would be thankful rather than suspicious. And the fact that I had an eerie suspicion about a seemingly perfect opportunity was a great indication that something was wrong.

On both occasions, I passed up on opportunities that perhaps, would have made my life so much easier but I have learnt that easy does not necessarily mean better if God is not with it.

Many people make regrettable mistakes when they ignore that ‘off feeling’ and step into the easier situations that present themselves in life. We call this compromising. And I know that the driving force behind this miscue may be desperation, but the bottom line is, while God’s better may not always come easy, it is what’s best for us.

Don’t mistake the things that come easy, as what’s better for you. What looks like the answer to your prayers, isn’t always coming from God.

You may ask, “Well how do I know the difference?”

You can take the advice my friend gave to me and ask yourself, “Do I have peace with this?” If your answer is ‘No’. You may need to let it go.

God doesn’t always answer us in visions and dreams, and you may not hear a voice rumbling out of thin air. But he does answer, and sometimes to know what to do and where to go, we have to learn to trust ourselves.A�

Surely, you aren’t skeptical about EVERY door that opens to you and EVERY person that comes into your life. So what’s the difference between this door and the others? or between this person and the others?

If you are asking these questions today, ‘Why are there alarms going off inside me? or ‘Why don’t I have any peace about this?’, I urge you to seriously consider the decision you have before you. The disruption of your inner peace may be an indication that you are taking a wrong turn.A�

As long as we are walking in the will of God: stepping through the doors HE opened, accepting the deals HE made and going into relationships HE provided, His peace will always be with us and we receive these blessings with joy and assuredness.

On the other hand, when we look or prepare to step outside of His will, whether knowingly or unknowingly, we don’t get the benefit of having peace with it, and this is our prompting, our signal to help us make right choices.

I have turned down opportunities that seemed so perfect on the surface that I felt like a fool letting them go. My only concrete reason for passing up on the opportunities was that God didn’t validate them. But never once have I regretted letting any one of them go. That’s not to say it was easy, but I realize that after each decision, my peace returns and I get a confirming feeling that God approves.

Don’t be afraid to let things go if you sense that God is not approving it. No matter how good it looks and/or how desperate you are or how long you’ve waited for it, never let that be the deal-breaker for your compliance. It will not be the last opportunity that comes your way even though it may feel like that in the moment. I can assure you, A�If you trust God, you will see HIS blessings manifest in your life and you’ll have peace as a bonus.

Because I know life can be tricky and it is sometimes tempting to go for what seems easier regardless of the absence of peace, I encourage you to say this prayer with me:

Father, I know that easier doesn’t always mean better. Today, I seek your better even if it isn’t what’s easier. No matter what it takes, my first desire is to walk in your will for my life. If it does not come from you, I do not want it. Thank you for guiding me with your peace. And as I learn to trust you more, help me to be alert, so that I will not be tricked or persuaded into stepping outside of your will. Thank you for what YOU have in store for me, and I will patiently wait until your better comes. Amen.

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