Aims & Objectives

Lord we just thank God you for every vision and dream that you have given your people. Lord we thank you for the creativity that you have placed in each and every one of us. We thank you for the purpose that you have for our lives and danazol buy uk. we pray that every person who visits this website will come to realise the divine purpose you have for them. We dedicate ‘Evidence of Fitness’ to you and ask for your stamp of approval by the infusing of your Holy Spirit. Thank you for birthing this idea and for providing the necessary help to cause it to manifest. This medium will be used to lift the name of Jesus Christ on high, no other name will be exalted except your name which is above all names.

The where to buy viagra in canada. aim of any project should be to honour and glorify God and this project seeks to do nothing less. The Administrators of this website do not take it for granted that this vision was given. It is not their desire to be seen but for God to be glorified in all that is done. In every article let God be glorified, in every video let God be glorified, let God be glorified, let God be glorified, let God be glorified!

As we seek to glorify the heavenly father it is also our wish to accomplish the following:

a�? To grow the kingdom of God;
a�? To publicly promote, advocate, foster and advance the Christian faith and practices by publishing, displaying and communicating the Christian gospel message, discipleship, worship, evangelistic and other topics expressing biblical teachings and values. This will be done in written, oral and visual form using relevant forms of media and distribution (websites, blogs, social media, audio, videos) ;
a�? To creatively impart the word of God;
a�? To offer practical and interactive messages to enable Christians to become living evangelists.
a�? To allow our members to voice different experiences with the Holy Spirit, however different and outlandish they may seem;
a�? To share stories that go untold, often stories that hold much wisdom;
a�? To capture or highlight the beauty and Christ-like qualities in people who often go unnoticed in our society (poor, uneducated, homeless etc.);
a�? To capture things that often go unseen, that which the natural ears and eyes will ignore;
a�? To showcase God given talents and how these talents are being used to glorify God;
a�? To provide an opportunity or forum for all believers to use their gifts to minister to non-believers;
a�? Ultimately to raise funds to support outreach programs.