All That Glitters is not Gold

a�?This is it God! This must be it! This is the man you have chosen to be my husband!a�? My heart was excited. After years of waiting on God to provide my life-long companion, here he was, right before my eyes.

He met my ultimate criterion: a man on fire for God! He wasna��t like the other men I saw in Christendom: boring, laid back, unadventurous, back benchers, impassionate – in other words, ordinary.

He was passionate about God; He was a musician, preacher of the Word, up front, lively, outspoken, a very colourful past which he used as a powerful testimony, a dream chaser and a man of wisdom. I was impressed! I had struck gold! Yes, there were flaws. But I could work around them, compromise a bit, because the deal I was being offered was too good to reject.

Have you ever been made an offer, that was very impressive but somehow you felt uncomfortable accepting it? Sometimes you go ahead and accept it, and there are some warning signals blaring in your heart, but you ignore them? That is how I felt about this man.

I wanted a companion so badly that I refused to hear those alarms going off in my spirit. I focused instead on the glamorous package that suited my expectations of a good man. And boy did I blunder! Even as we made preparation for marriage, the uneasiness within me escalated but I pressed on – after all, nothing in this life is perfect! And God had promised me a good husband, and with this impressive spiritual resume – this had to be Goda��s will.

However, after a while his actions became questionable and his character shone right through. This was a man struggling with an addiction from his past that he kept hidden from everyone. As you can imagine, when this addiction was exposed, our relationship ended disastrously. It looked like the gift I desired, however it wasna��t Goda��s desire for my life.

On a daily basis, we are faced with countless decisions. At times we ask Goda��s direction when making our choices, but do we always choose based on His response? Or do we choose based on the need we are being faced with at that time? So you may be in need of a job and an offer comes and it is a good one, however you sense that God doesna��t want you to take it because it would mean absolutely no time to spend doing His work. What will you do? Take the job in il farmacista online cialis canada. spite of what you believe God is saying?A�

In 1 Samuel 8, the Israelites did the very same thing that I did. They wanted a king. They wanted to be like all the other nations who were governed by a king. But that wasna��t Goda��s will for Israel. I wanted a husband. I wanted to have a companion, like so many of my friends but it was not Goda��s will for me at that time.

God is concerned with every aspect of our lives so it is important for us to present all the decisions we have to make before Him. But when we do, we have to be careful not to let our own desires override His will for our life.

Dona��t turn a blind eye to signs of His response, or a deaf ear to His Words of wisdom and counsel. It may not be the response you want to hear at the time, but it is the right response for your life.

Trust God!

He sees the very end from the beginning. He knows the sugar coated deals the enemy tries to deceive us with and He wants to acyclovir no script. deliver us from them all. The deal may be attractive but look at the heart of it or the motives behind it. If it is not in alignment with the Word of God, the gift is a counterfeit.

Trust God to give you His authentic plan for your life.

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