Child of a King: Daddy daughter duo at jazz on the rocks

I watched her as she danced with her Father on stage. Only minutes before I had seen her and wondered about the writing on her shirt. When I saw her standing next to him it all became clearer.

A friend of mine coordinated a Jazz Show on Father’s Day at the Altamont Court Hotel. When I got there, I walked into a room that was nicely decorated. The atmosphere felt cozy but ripe with excitement.

I was escorted by a staff member to a table that had four other people seated. I said hello and fixed my attention on the Saxophonist and Keyboard Player on stage. It was my first time at a Jazz Show and as I sat the sweet sounds from the instruments serenaded me. I knew right then that it would not be my last time at such an event.

It was simply magical.

At the entrance of the room there was a sitting area. It sparkled with blue, white and red lights. I took notice when I walked in and decided to step out after a while to sit there.

As I sat I saw a girl walking towards the exit. She had on a black flare skirt, black heels and a black shirt with words printed on it in gold. The words read, ‘Daughter of a King’.

I immediately thought, ‘a which King a fi har Father?

As soon as I had that thought another thought followed it, “I am the daughter of a King too!”

I was referring to God.

I dismissed it and went back on the inside as they announced that there was going to be a Father and Daughter dance off. The grand prize was a 2 day 1 night stay at the Altamont Court Hotel in Montego Bay.

A man and woman walked to the stage and then the girl I had seen earlier with a male accompanying her. He was dressed in a black pants and black shirt and at the front the word King was printed in gold.

They were a Daddy daughter duo. He was the King to which she belonged!

How cute!

A song was selected and they danced. The crowd erupted in laughter as they twirled and he did his funny dance moves. She seemed so happy and proud to be dancing with him. Her shirt and the print on it was a proclamation that she belonged to someone magnificent and she shared as much when I went to talk with her after the show.

The moment reminded me of the fact that God who is the ultimate Father wants us to know that we belong to him.

As she wore her shirt proudly declaring that she was the daughter of a King, it is the same way that God wants us to walk around proudly declaring that we are His. When I saw her she exuded such confidence; her hair and makeup were done nicely and she was just beaming with pride.

Right before me I saw a representation of how our Heavenly Father wants us to be. Chin up! Shoulders Square! Well put together and beaming with peace and Joy knowing that we are part of a royal priesthood, a holy nation and are remarkable people.

Her Father looked so proud when he heard her speaking fondly of him.

During the interview I asked, ‘Mr. Brown, what yu do to get this Kingship?’ and he smiled and explained all the things he had done for her. ‘A me comb her hair when she was in Basic School’ he shared as one example.

He was the one who provided for and protected her.

There was a kind of rest that was over his daughter. A peace upon her that said, ‘this man has demonstrated that he can be trusted. This man has been there, this man has provided, he is the best Father ever!’

We too serve a good Father whose love knows no end.

As I write this Matthew 7 verse 11 comes to me, …if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask Him.”

Amazing eh!

All round it was such a nice event that left me with a great reminder that I belong to the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.

Good job Altamont Court Hotel and Organizer David Wilson!

Watch interview here

One thought on “Child of a King: Daddy daughter duo at jazz on the rocks

  1. Sharon Frater says:

    Again you have done the work of our “king” also seen as God would have it, earthly fathers. Kudos to that sweet daughter who in all her wisdom, seek to identify her king and God’s authority, her father. I t is the will of God that all know and recongnized HIM, God as King. Its is no doubt that I continue to hail you as one who is walking in her purpose. Clearly this is a lesson to in perpective for all those who have not recongnise the king in them and the KING whom we belong. The decision to highlight this is indeed the master piece of seeing the reading of an abstract.
    Accepting and pursuing your purpose, bringing life’s lesson in perspective. Your Gift, Your Task, Your Talent. “Daughter of a King”, Lesson Learnt, Lesson Lives Lesson Taught. It’s Platinum Sandy…….. huh another title?

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