I had a dream. In my dream I was standing face to face with a messenger of God. He told me that there was something God wanted me to do, I had an assignment. However, I blatantly refused to accept it. I told him that I was not able to take on the task. Whatever it was, I was very much intimidated.A�

The messenger had a file on the desk before him and from it he pulled an ultra sound image. The file was mine and the image of the baby was me. He then said a�?from you were at this stage, in your mothera��s womb, you were chosen to do thisa�?.

Upon hearing that, I conceded to what God was asking me to do.

When I think back on my dream, I wonder how many of us right now are denying our God-given purpose. What would we do if this dream was our reality?

Like Moses, would we begin to list all the reasons we are not a suitable choice or would we push beyond our fears and receive the calling?A�

When God asks us to perform a task, it is not a spontaneous decision and it isn’t by chance that He chooses us. Even before we were born, God had a plan for our lives. He skillfully wove us together like tapestry and every part of our being comes together to form who we are. Each chord represents the substance that shapes our personality and equips us to fulfill His will. We may think we cannot measure up to our purpose but God will never ask us to do something He has not given the ability to accomplish.

A�In spite buy ciprofloxacin uk. of our perceived shortcomings, He never gives up on us because he sees what is in us even when we cannot.

Look at Moses for instance. God sent Aaron, Mosesa�� brother to be his mouthpiece, his help, because Moses was not confident in his ability to speak to the people. I often wonder why God didna��t simply use Aaron to lead the Israelites instead but he was not created for this purpose, Moses was.

I mention Moses because he represents so many of us. He is you and I who have greatness locked up in our souls but we fail to recognize it. Some of us are too afraid to acknowledge it but we dona��t have to be fearful or hesitant to do that which God instructs you to do. He has chosen you and he will mold you into who he created you to be. He will also send the help you need; people with the right skills will show up to help, doors will open before you at the appointed time and His favour will pave the way.A�

You dona��t have to be troubled by the details, leave the how(s) and why(s) to God. Your duty is to first accept that you have an assignment then yield to the process and God will do the rest.

It is already there, can you feel it? Your purpose. A�You have no clue how youa��ll achieve it. You cana��t even mention it to others lest they think youa��re crazy. It takes you so far out of your comfort zone that the very thought makes you uncomfortable. Yet you cannot deny that part of you that identifies with something greater than what you see around you.

It is a part of you because God placed it in you a long long time ago.

You stand up in church and with a trembling voice, you barely make it through a scripture praise, while antibiotics from mexico. at home, you construct sermons and preach to the furniture. You dona��t know it yet but therea��s a preacher beneath that fear of public speaking.A�

Maybe you scribble on everything you get your hands on; you write short stories, poems, commentaries, you dona��t think youa��re very good, but you get so much joy from it. God chose you to be a writer. You have a lot to say, and people will want to read it.

Little boy from the ghetto, you ached for more when everyone around you was comfortable with less. You feel different because you are. You weren’t forgotten, God chose you to be a leader, an advocate for change.

Little girl, you are coming from nowhere but you are going somewhere. You are already walking the path He has chosen for you. Why do you worry when you are in the palm of his hands? Dona��t you know your weaknesses and your flaws qualify you; they make you the perfect candidate for God. He knew of them before you were old enough to recognize them yourself,still He chose you.

I am your messenger today. Hear me when I say, from you were in your mothera��s womb. Before you even had a choice, he chose you. Accept your assignment with confidence and step boldly into your purpose. Ita��s a privilege to be chosen by God.


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