Correct Diagnosis

I got a call asking me to come quickly. Someone close to me wasna��t feeling well.

a�?Sandie, me no feel so good! You can come carry me go Doctora�? I heard her say between tears on the other line.

Minutes later another call came in asking me to hurry. It seemed serious.

As I got dressed I thought to myself, a�?Surely it is that ChickV that she has contracteda�? I have heard of so many persons who have fallen ill these past few days. I thought she was just another victim.

When I got to the Doctora��s office the Nurse quickly ushered me to the room where she was. When I walked into the cold small room I saw her lying on her back with her hand on her chest. The Doctor stood over her.

When he saw me he seemed a bit relieved.

a�?Are you close to her?a�? he asked me.

a�?Do you know of anything that has been bothering her lately?a�? he continued.

The questions seemed a bit strange. I was expecting to hear about joint pains, a rash, some vomiting a�� something! I was expecting to hear him prescribe some pain killers but it was a different kind of diagnosis.

Anxiety a�� Depression!

He clonodine no prescription. asked me to speak with her a bit as he exited the room. He said he would give her a pill to calm her down in a few minutes.

I comperable peoduct to viagra. watched her as the tears ran quickly along the side of her face. I tried hard not to cry.

a�?Sandie, I cana��t stop crying. I didna��t want this to happen to me at work. I didna��t want anyone to know that something is wrong.a�?

She was worried about losing the job and so many other things a�� so many things that made her feel anxious.

I stayed with her and she talked. The nurse returned and gave her a pill and we continued talking.
About one hour later she seemed to regain her composure. The nurse told us we could go back into the Doctora��s office and minutes later we did.

a�?Are you better now?a�? he asked in a friendly way.

I sat on a chair to the side and examined the small room. It seemed clean.

I watched a skinny looking mosquito fly close by me. Eeek! To the right, there was a wash sink with a small bottle of hand soap. The presence of the hand soap gave me a comforting feeling.

a�?Me can continue to take the pill dem?a�? I heard her ask the Doctor as I wondered where the mosquito had disappeared to.

I returned my focus to her as the Doctor explained that the pills were not meant to be taken for an extended period of time.

a�?You have to talk about whatever is bothering you a�� whatever is on the inside. You cana��t keep things bottled upa�? he said.

I continued to listen and my mind took me back to something that happened to me last year.

I also found myself in a Doctora��s office freaking out. I was on fasting and my arms and back had broken out in hives and was itching like crazy. I ran to a Dermatologist who was highly recommended. I needed a quick fix to just make it go away.

As I sat with the Doctor after pouring out my heart he began to write something on the prescription sheet. I was glad when I saw him writing, happy that he was prescribing me something potent and effective.

As he continued writing he began to read and I soon discovered that what he was giving me could not be found in any pharmacy or hospital. It would be found in the Bible. He gave me Philippians 4:6-7

a�?Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;A� and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.a�?

As I sat in the Doctora��s office that verse came back to me.

As she made further enquiries about the pills it came back to me.

She was concerned that she would not be able to remain calm or function effectively if the pills ever stopped working and as I saw her concern the passage came back to me.

a�?And God!a�? I finally said.

a�?And God!!!a�?

The Doctor looked over at me, as if I was not making much sense.

a�?Yea – and – God – tooa�? he said.

Now as I meditate on that verse I am reminded that God does not want us to be hurting. So many times we hold on to things and allow things to burden our minds and they absolutely do us no good.

As I write this I am reminded that there is a true remedy in Jesus Christ. There is true peace in God. The things you have been looking to and are still looking to are only temporary fixes. The high will be gone after a while and then there will come the debilitating low.

But God offers rest. He offers rest for the war that rages in your soul. Seek him for the things that concern you. Let it go a�� let it all go. Lay it down at His feet and make up your mind never to pick up what you are placing before Him. Every anxiety, every pain, every frustration, and every concern a�� today God is calling you to let it go. Let it go and allow Him to flood you with His peace, the very peace that Philippians 4:6-7 mentions a�� the peace that will surpass your understanding.

The diagnosis that you have received has been wrong all along. Allow the Lord to properly diagnose you. He knows you from the inside out and who better to know just what you need but Him. If you hear Him tugging at your heart, prompting you to come a little closer, do not resist Him.

Today He is coming as the great physician and healing is your portion.A� Whatever you have been carrying, whatever you are bottling up on the inside, the Lord wants you to let it go and watch what He can do for you.


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