Anxious? Just talk to Him

“I feel anxiousa�� I whispered to myself as i worked at my co-worker’s station.

I could feel my heart beating a little faster than usual and I had this general feeling of nervousness.A�

It was weird because nothing had happened. I had a good nighta��s rest, I got to work on time and I had crackers and jam in my lunch kit so I wasna��t hungry.A�

Perhaps the anxiety was coming from my inner thoughts; thoughts about work, my upcoming exams, God, and other things.A�

Kandi stood close by and heard when I uttered the words. The words were not directed to her but she responded nevertheless.A�

a�?Be anxious for nothinga��a�? she said.

I joined in with her as she continued, a�?a��but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.a�? Philippians 4:6-7

She and I laughed.

Kandi is 19 years old and has been working temporarily at our firm for some weeks now.A�

a�?You are so right!a�? I told her, and she smiled, in her usual way.A�

I then shared a story with cytotec express usa. her of a time when I had an allergic reaction to something I had eaten and had gone to a Dermatologist freaking out. I had hives on my arms and back andA�wanted something to ease the symptoms right away.

My Dermatologist suggested that I wait it out but i insisted.

He began writing something on a prescription sheet.

I thought he was writing the a�?medicationa�? but after a while I realized he was writing the bible verse from Philippians 4:6-7.

It was the chill pill I needed. I guess I needed another dose of it today.A�

Kandi began talking to me about the goodness of God.

She said, “God is very simple eno. I dona��t know why everyone tries to complicate the Bible but He is so simple to me.a�?

I looked at the scripture and the words popped.

a�?There is a prerequisite to getting Goda��s peace that will guard your heart and minda�?, I told her, as if i had only just discovered it.

“Yeaa�? she said in agreement. a�?We have to not worry and pray and ask him for what we need.a�?

a�?Exactly!a�? she said. a�?You see the key to asking God for something is not just to ask for asking sake, but to ask God to line up your desires with His will, then youa��ll never be asking for the wrong thing because if ita��s in His will, He will definitely give it to you, the question is how and whena�? A�she explained.

Shea��s only 19, but she sure got it right.

At this moment, you may be experiencing anxiety as several thoughts seek to bombard your mind. The very simple exchange that I had with Kandi is what I am prescribing as your dose of inspiration.A�

I know that God doesn’t desire for us to be concerned about every single thing concerning our lives. And even if we are, He invites us to trust Him. He opens the door and makes Himself available to hear our requests if we choose to come to Him with them.A�

It really is that simple but sometimes we forget and complicate things. Kandi’s simple words rested so easily upon my spirit and i hope it does the same for you.A�

There is no good things that God desires generic viagra made in the u.s. to withhold from us and He wants us to talk to Him.A�

A�[Photo credit: Kandi snaps a photo with the Bible scripture we printed.]

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