A Different Kind of Wait

I woke in the wee hours of the morning and stared at the darkness in the room. Everyone was still asleep. Silence hung in the room like dark clouds on an overcast day.

What was I doing up so early?

I was on vacation and staying at my frienda��s house in Florida. It was a time for rest, fun and relaxation but I had something on my mind.

I was waiting on God to come through for me in a situation. I had done everything that He asked me to do, I had given up the things He told me to let go of and I was left waiting.

Have you ever had to wait on God? With nothing else to do and no idea where to turn or how things would work out? Well, I was right there.

I knew I was to trust Him, but even in the midst of me telling myself that I did trust Him a part of me was still worrying.

I pulled the blanket up against my body and whispered, a�?Lord, I am waiting on you to come through for mea�?.

Immediately as I said that a memory came to my mind. It was something that happened some years ago that I realized He used to ask me a question, a�?How will you wait?a�?

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It was New Yeara��s Eve and I was travelling to New York City. I was to meet up with some friends to ring in the New Year there. We had arranged for her to pick me up at the airport but before I departed she messaged to say that there was an emergency and asked if I could take a taxi to where she was staying.

I wasna��t comfortable with taking a taxi. I then remembered that another friend of mine was also in New York at the time so I phoned and asked him if he could pick me up and he agreed.

When I got to New York I collected my bags and messaged to let him know I had arrived. I exited the departure lounge and was accosted by the cold winter air reminding me that I was an alien in its country.

I waited a while but saw no sign of my friend so I went back inside where it was warm. I tried calling him but his phone went to voicemail.

Instead of panicking I walked back to the lounge and had a seat.

I propped my legs up on my luggage, closed my eyes and relaxed. I knew that if he said he was coming to get me that he would. He would never let me down. Some time later I saw his cousin walking towards me in the lounge, she explained that they had been stuck in traffic which caused the delay.

I smiled and hugged her.

While I waited nothing in me was stirred, I knew I was safe and would not have been disappointed.

That was the memory that the Lord brought back to my memory. He wanted to show me how He wanted me to wait on Him. He wanted me to wait with full assurance that He would come through. He wanted me to wait in peace. He wanted me to wait knowing that He can be trusted. He wanted me to wait even in the midst of seeming delays knowing that delay did not mean denial.

I sighed as my spirit understood and received what He was saying to me in that moment and I snuggled up and went back to bed.

Amazingly, when my vacation in Florida ended and I returned to Jamaica, the opportunity that I was anxious about came through. I was so thrilled!

So many times we say that we are waiting on God, but we do it without fully trusting Him. We do it with doubts, and His word reminds us over and over that doubt does not serve us but rather that it works against us, and not only that it displeases Him.

For this new season, 2018, let us endeavour to wait like I waited in New York. Let us wait in peace with assurance in our hearts that God will never let us down. He will always come through.

I pray for you Goda��s richest blessings in 2018. I thank Him for the doors that He will divinely open for you as you seek Him and choose to walk in divine purpose.

[About the Author: Sandie Heron is a Radio Presenter/Producer on Roots 96.1FM, a community radio station founded by the Mustard Seed Communities. The programme which airs every Friday at 12:45pmA� tells the stories of citizens in Kingston and other communities in Jamaica and overseas who remain positive and who beat the odds despite desperate circumstances.]