Divine Redirection

Divine appointments are often hidden in those moments when we find ourselves disappointed but we do not always see it right away.

a�?We need to talka�?

a�?Yea?a�? I answered.

He took almost an hour before he sent another message. I wondered if something was wrong.

a�?I got the joba�? he said, after some time had passed.

I was so happy for him. It was just the job that he wanted and had interviewed for some weeks before.

a�?Congratulationsa�? I told him.

He went on to share how great the salary was. It was one of the biggest opportunities for him.

a�?Thata��s good. Just give thanksa�? I told him.

As I said that something came to my mind.

Several months before this new opportunity he had lost his job. One day he received a termination letter from the company he had been working with for almost three years, with immediate effect.

It was a hard blow.

Some colleagues were as shocked as he was and suggested that he report his dismissal to the Ministry of Labour.

They all thought that it was unfair and that it was a newly employed manager trying to get at him.

a�?Awesome how you had to leave to get this opportunitya�? I pointed out to him after a moment of reflection.

a�?Every disappointment leads to an appointment. Dona��t it?a�?

a�?Exactly!a�? he responded.

The whole thing got me thinking how we often cry whenever we face a closed door.

Ita��s hard when things dona��t work out the way we planned or when something we want to hold on to comes to an end, but I find that these moments of disappointment often lead to much greater things.

A failed relationship can be the set up for a more wholesome relationship with another person. A failed business could be the push one needs to dig deeper for more witty business ideas. A job termination, as was the case with my friend could be the push to pursue new and better opportunities.

My friend is now at a new company, receiving a much higher salary than he was getting at his previous place of employment. Further, who knows what connections he will make in this new place to take him to the next level? All these things would not be open to him if he had remained where he was.

Now in retrospect, we both see that his termination letter was in fact a blessing and the manager who may have been out to get him actually pushed him into his new season.

At times we hold so tightly to the old things and life literally has to do the shaking for us. We may cry about it but God knows what is best.

If you have been blindsided by some kind of disappointment, dona��t be discouraged. Remember, lifea��s disappointment is just an opportunity or occasion for Goda��s appointment and oftentimes rejection or disappointment is His way of redirecting us.

Trust the process.

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Former guest on the programme Raneil Thompson gives a word of encouragement.

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