Do not limit God! He will make a way

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-‬21 KJV

I grew up in the volatile community of Rose Town. I did not feel safe coming home at nights because of the crime and violence that plagued the area.

In 2015 I prayed and asked the Lord to relocate me to a safer and more peaceful community. At this time I had no job and felt like I was in a desert because nothing was happening for me.

I would stay up day and night and apply for jobs but I got no response. I started to lose hope and my faith began running low. Some days I just cried in prayer and I got to a point where I started to limit myself.

It was a year of waiting but while waiting I was going through a process, a process some would call ‘a Winter Season’.

During this time the Lord sent persons to encourage me. They told me to not give up but to continue to trust God.

In October of 2016 I remember feeling so discouraged because I just could not see any manifestations and right in that moment a very close sister in Christ sent me a song titled, ‘Be still and know that I am God’ by Juanita Bynum.

I cried as the words of the song ministered to my heart and I sensed the Holy Spirit repeating to me, “be still and know that I am God. Do not limit me Shawna”.

Two months later, in December 2016 I got a job. The income wasn’t much but the Lord said to me, “do not watch the income. Step out in faith and seek your new home”.

Inside I was thinking, ‘”Lord how will I manage the monthly bills? This is not working the way I had prayed for it to be”.

Eventually I went looking for the new home. I searched for something small that was in line with what I was earning. I did not realize that God was up to something bigger than I could ever hope for.

In the midst of my search my newly found sister in Christ who had eyes of faith also went searching for a place. The Lord used her to locate a new home and it was way beyond what I could have ever imagined.

It was in a peaceful gated community with a wonderful view of the city. As I entered the house, I was amazed. The design of the house was so modern and lovely.

I felt so childlike and excited to finally have my own room and a wonderful bathroom on the inside.

God truly knows the desires of our hearts because I love nature and the place had many trees. I also enjoyed going to the view to see the wonderful night lights and stars. I was just in awe when I went there. Glory to God!

The Lord also granted such favour with the landlord. She asked us how much we wanted to pay monthly. With that we were able to afford the rent which included utilities and we were blessed with basic things we needed to move into the new home. 

I realized from this that we tend to limit ourselves even though we say we are children of God. It is something I have struggled with but God is faithful and merciful and He comes through for us despite our limitations. Tears filled my eyes because in the moment of getting the house I recognized that God only wanted the best for me while I was limiting myself.
If your desire is to start your own business, drive a new car, or even buy a new home don’t look at what you don’t have but look at who God is. Do not limit yourself and most importantly do not limit God.

Keep an eye of faith knowing that God truly wants to bless you with only the best.  Just humble yourself, be still and know that He is God. Seek His face and He will make a way.

God is about to blow your mind in this season!

I decree and declare over your life and current situations that ABBA father will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you could ever ask and hope for. Ask Him to forgive you for limiting His plans for your life.

Release all your desires and dreams in His hands and know that He will make a way for you in His perfect will and timing. Thank you Jesus!

About the Author: Shawna-Kay James lives in Jamaica and is a member of Shekinah Intercessors Outreach Ministry. She has a passion for dancing and is the leader of a dancing group called Shofar. Follow her posts each Friday on

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