Don’t let fear stop you

I remember those high school seminars that we had to attend all the time. Wolmers High (my alma mater) was famous for them. So often we were removed from our classes and ushered to the schoola��s auditorium to listen to various representatives from different colleges speak to us about different courses of study and career options.

The options were varied but there was only one that caught my attention; Media and Communications.

I remember the day we had a representative from the Caribbean Institute of Media & Communications (Carimac) speak to us about the programmes that were offered there. My spirit ignited as I heard a bit about Television, Radio and Public Speaking. It all seemed so fantastic. Something in me identified with it and I purposed in my heart to apply to that programme.

The day came when it was time to do the application. I was at the Pre-University School completing advanced studies and everyone was getting ready to move on.

a�?What are you applying for?a�? a few classmates asked me.

a�?Carimac!a�? I said enthusiastically. There was no other option really. It was my absolute first choice.

a�?You know how hard Carimac is to get into? People barely ever get in. The test is harda��a�? My classmates went on and on and I listened.

Though I started out excited and resolute I grew scared.

In my quiet time I began to contemplate their concerns for me, a�?What if I apply and dona��t get in? What would I do? What if I dona��t pass the test?…a�?

I could not imagine not being accepted to University. For me it represented progression. It was the next big step. Further I was not ready to start working.

The fearful thoughts crept in and my young mind was taken over with a�?what ifsa�� and a�?maybea��sa�� and I changed my first choice.

a�?If Carimac is hard to get into, then I will choose something that will be easier, that I am absolutely sure that I will be accepted for.a�? I applied and was accepted for a Bachelors in English Literature.

I remembered this life experience recently as I again found myself wrestling with doubts and fears. Now over 10 years later, buy naproxen online. you would think the fears would be gone but they still present themselves at different junctures of my journey, especially the very important ones. Do you ever realize that?

In my life I have seen God do a beautiful thing. I began to seriously seek him about 4 years ago. I wanted to know His purpose for my life. I wanted to know where He wanted me to go a�� what He wanted me to do and what career path He wanted me to take. I never ever thought to ask Him these questions but in one Church Service a speaker said that these were the things that we should ask God.

In answering God stirred up my spirit and redirected me to the very thing that I wanted to pursue when I was younger. He said, a�?writea�� and was birth in a matter of months. He said a�?videographya�� and a Youtube channel was started. He said a�?Moviesa�� and I began getting ideas for different scripts and so many other things manifested.

He was showing me that what I felt over 10 years ago was not just a desire, but it was something that He had placed within me – something that my spirit could recognize in the courses offered at Carimac. It was like that moment when John the Baptist leaped in his Mothera��s Belly upon the arrival of Mary who was pregnant with Jesus (Luke 1:41). There was a deep recognition.

God has a way of turning things around. If you think that you have missed a turn in the road, He knows how to get you on the right path again, if you follow His leading. He knows just how to take all of your experiences and work it together for your good, even the ones that you think are far from desirable but you cannot let fear stop you.

That is the thought that came to me as I sat at my place of employment recently, a�?DONa��T LET FEAR STOP YOU!a�? There will be a fight or struggle as you move in your purpose and towards your destiny. None of us are exempt from it. I can testify to you today that sometimes it feels absolutely brutal (sorry, I cannot think of another word).A� It seems easier to settle and travel the path of least resistance but that path barely ever contains the prize. You have to push no matter what and go in the direction that sparks something deep down in your belly. It is a deep knowing.

As you read this you may be battling your own fears. Many persons may have come up to dissuade you from going in the direction that you feel so led to pursue. Your mind may be filled with a�?what ifsa�� and a�?maybea��sa�� but do not allow any of these to cause you to switch direction. I believe one of the greatest regrets a man/woman could have in this life is to get to the end of their journey knowing that teradoxin. he/she never pursued the things that they felt deeply in their heart and spirit that they were meant to do.

Now you still have time, that doesna��t have to be your story. Now you can still hear your calling a�� follow it!

If you are meant to write, start a�?writinga��. If you are meant to sing, start a�?singinga��, if you are meant to apply for a particular course of study a�� do it now! Sometimes you have to move forward without sharing your plans with everyone. The truth is that not everyone will understand the path that you are on and you know what, that is ok too. You dona��t need their validation to move forward. It took me a while to learn this.

Go ahead now and move forward. Your dreams are truly worth pursuing. Dona��t let the fears stop you.

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