Dona��t talk defeat to me!!!

The pangs of hunger seemed to scrape their stomach walls; There wasna��t even a crumb of food in the stomach to quench itsa�� appetite.

None of the four friends had eaten anything for over two weeks and with each passing moment their bodies felt weaker.

Their last meal was nothing to talk about. They had accidentally stumbled upon some wild vegetable and miraculously it filled their stomach that day. However, since then they had not been fortunate enough to find another meal.

Their other friends and relatives were in a similar position. The entire country was in great despair. There was absolutely no food in the land; this was the most severe famine they had ever seen.

Things were so bad that some adopted the motto, a�?survival by any means necessary,a�? even if it meant killing their fellowman to prevent starvation and consequently death. (2 Kings 6:28-29)

These four friends fought a common battle (besides hunger) – the disease called a�?leprosya�?. They had no choice but to stick together because the rest of the world would have nothing to do with them. They were outcasts of the highest order and all they had was each other.

The pain from the sores and the weakness they experienced in their muscles was excruciating, but the loss of livelihood, their families and friends made the battle even more intense. However the drive to overcome the obstacles they encountered superseded the gloom and doom they faced.

So with that in mind they explored their options. This was just another crossroads they had to manoeuvre.

Their first option was to sit and do nothing – just accept their fate. That in their books was a definite no! They had reached this far amidst all the trials they had faced and giving up was not an option!

Their second option was to return to their land that was being devastated by famine. That too made no sense. Things were definitely worse there and even if there were scraps of food or anything that could be eaten, they were the a�?scumsa�? of society. Theya��d be the last to be fed.
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Then there was the dreaded but most viable option – go to their sworn enemies territory and see if they could get food there.

If they sat and just accepted their fate, they would die. If they went back to their homeland they would also die. However if they ventured out and tried getting help from strangers who were also their enemies, the possibility existed that they would still die, but on the other hand their lives could also be spared.

With their hearts filled with fear they took the risk of going into foreign territory. They knew the odds but they also knew that the possibility of life being better existed on the other side.

What are the challenges you are faced with today? Do they make you feel powerless and defeated? Are you sometimes gripped with fear by possibilities that are presented, and in turn make no move towards them?

Well, today I am here to encourage you, dona��t give in to that a�?monstera�? called defeat. Be determined to find a way out!

Many times God will place an idea in your mind, or present an opportunity, or even a word of knowledge or wisdom to help you out of your discouraging situation. It may not take the form you would desire or it may seem a big risk to take at this time.A� Dona��t be quick to think that ita��s a thought from the devil. It may just be an idea that will help you to overcome the situation you are in! Prayerfully seek God about it and if necessary seek counsel from your mentor or Pastor.

Dona��t wallow in self pity or depression or keep harbouring discouraging thoughts. Do whatever it takes that is in alignment with Goda��s word to keep hope alive! It may mean you may have to build your hope through an encouraging word or advice, maybe through a song, a scripture or even by making a step that you can take but you are fearful to.

Go ahead and do it!

Just like those four (4) lepers (2 Kings 7:3-6), described above, dona��t lose heart! Be resilient!

Continue to trust God and believe that a way will be made! Start to make preparation to accommodate the change (beginning with your mind). No matter what dona��t accept defeat!

Dare to defy the odds! Stare defeat in its face and declare: a�?youa��ve stopped at the wrong door!a�?

[Fun Fact about the Author: Claudene loves to watch the Television Show ‘Criminal Minds’ and she also enjoys eating Jamaica’s National Dish, Ackee & Saltfish. Follow her post each week on]

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