Facts, not fiction!

I started to read a book a few months ago titled-a�? Walking the Biblea�?. In the first two pages, the author a�� Bruce Feiler speaks of his life as a child growing up in a Christian home, he wrote a�? I read the stories of the bible, painted maps in Sunday school and acted out biblical characters in plays, yet somehow the stories always took place in some far away land, in some faraway time that I could not entirely understand. The bible was just a book to mea�?.

Isna��t this how many people see the Bible?.

A while back, the Bible was nothing more than a place-holder on my desk. It wasna��t interesting to me and though I believed in God, I had never given any thought to the validity of the stories. After all, the events occurred in a different time, in ciprofloxacino 500 mg. a different world, one I wouldna��t understand nor could it understand me.

In late 2011 I had my own revelation; God helped me to see the bible as more than a book of tales but as Bruce Feiler later mentioned in his novel a�?a living, breathing entitya�?. I was suddenly able to see the stories in the Bible through different eyes and I understood them and realized they held insight into my own life. Not only could I relate to them but they helped me to understand my own situations and how to deal with them more effectively.

One of my favourite stories can be found in Exodus 12-16. This story is especially important to me because it came in a time when I struggled with my self-perception. Like Moses, I was questioning my ability to take on major tasks, believing I was too a�?smalla�? to be used by God and thinking of all the people methocarbamol fed ex. who would be a better choice.A�

However, I learnt that God doesna��t see us as who we are now, but who we can be. He created each of us with a purpose and we are equipped to fulfill it whether we know it or not. I looked at Moses and realized that God sent Moses help and blessed him with boldness and He would do the same for me. Due to this connection, I was able to adopt Philippians 4:13 a�?I can do all things through Christ who strengthens mea�? and be bolder when approaching new challenges.

We can receive guidance and encouragement from the stories in the Bible when we seek direction and answers from them. The writer of a�?The Wife at Homea�� website shared her personal experience of having trouble with a car dealership. In this situation, she could relate to David facing a much larger and intimidating opponent (Goliath) who she likened to the legal dispute over a used car she had purchased. She said a�?Like David, I must face a situation that appears to be bigger and stronger than me. From the story of David and Goliath, she learnt a very important lesson and applied it to her own circumstances. She finally stated a�?Nevertheless, I know that God is on my side. I know that what he did for David, He did for me. God has prepared me to fight this battlea�?.

Bible stories have become such a vital part of my life and should be the cornerstone of our Christian faith. There are so many that have shaped my life and taught me in some way or another how to rely and trust God. The story of Gideon is one of them. It taught me that we must honour God in all that we do and accomplish because all honour belongs to Him. We arena��t successful because of our own skill or luck but because of Goda��s goodness and we mustna��t become so proud that we boast on our own talents.

Biblical stories serve as precedents for our lives. Hidden in these stories are important messages inspired by God. It is these messages that connect the past to the present and make the stories relevant to today. When we approach the Bible with an open mind and an open heart we can freely receive all that God intends for us to have and thata��s: inspiration, revelation and hope. We realize that though the events may be different, the messages remain the same, and that makes the stories more than just folly tales but daily instructions for a life God wants us to live.

We have to see the Bible as a recollection of facts and not fiction; the stories are real, the people are real and God’s power is absolutely real. When we realize this, then we will be able to truly appreciate the instructions of God and apply them to our lives.


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