Follow the Instructions

“Go to the end a di road an turn left and then take the first left” Kavan told me.

He was giving me directions to exit his community and find my way back to Spanish Town.

I had just finished interviewing his wife Keisha Allen for the radio programme. The topic was ‘from failure to the pursuit of passion’. She spoke about the struggles she had in school doing subjects she didn’t enjoy such as Biology and Chemistry and noted the ease and delight she felt in contrast when doing other subjects such as Clothing & Textiles and Art.

Though these subjects were seen as being less prestigious she decided to pursue them and today she is the Creative Director and Fashion Designer at House of Clay, a Bridal Fashion House in Jamaica.

It was a nice conversation in the warm atmosphere of their home, ignited by the positive childlike energy of their 4 year old daughter Tehilla, who kept offering me candy and popsicle.

I finished the interview late and low-key wondered if I would be able to find my way out of the community. It was dark and it was my first time going there.

I repeated to Kavan the instructions he had given me earlier, ‘Go to the end of the road, make a left, then make the first left’ I repeated it two more times for comfort.

He repeated it too and told me that the most important part was the second left. That’s the one I couldn’t miss.

With that I bidded him farewell and drove off. I was happy that I had gone to his house to do the interview. I had left work feeling tired and thought of cancelling and just doing a rebroadcast that Friday, but a friend who I spoke with while travelling encouraged me to go.

I drove off and within 3 minutes I was at what looked like the end of the road. I had passed about 2 left turns before getting there but remembered Kavan telling me, ‘go to the end’.

I made a left turn there and then I made the next left.

I drove pass houses as the night sky hovered overhead. The streets were empty and everywhere was quiet. I continued driving but some minutes in I wondered if that was the way I came. The street did not look so familiar and I thought about the possibility of getting lost and not having anyone around to ask if I was going the right way.

I continued driving along the road, which was the left turn that would take me back to the main road.

‘Kavan told me I should go to the end of the road, turn left, and make a left’, I thought to myself, ‘and I had followed his instructions. Though the road looks unfamiliar and dark I must be going the right way because I did what he told me to do’.

It was at that moment that I had an epiphany.

It is the same thing with God!

There are times when He instructs us to go a particular route and do a particular thing and we move in that direction. However while going we sometimes question whether we made the right turn. We do this at times because the way looks unfamiliar, lonely and sometimes even scary.

The practical illustration with Kavan made me realise that though we may get scared and question, as long as we follow the instructions that God gives us we can rest assured that we are moving in the right direction.

It was a comforting realization.

I soon got to the end of the street and sure enough to my right I saw the sign for the community that Kavan had asked me to look for as confirmation that I was on the right track.

I breathed a sigh of relief and made another left turn towards the road that would take me to Spanish Town.

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8

This verse assures us that God will not send us anywhere without guiding us on our way there. He provides a sort of road map for us and assures us through His Word that He is there every step of the way.

When we get in those dark valleys and unfamiliar territory it is natural to become uncertain, but as long as we never lose sight of the instructions He gave us we will be alright.

Happy Monday!

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[About the Author: Sandie Heron is the Owner/Writer at, Radio Host/Producer on Roots 96.1Fm (programme airs Fridays 12:45-1:00pm) and Videographer. She lives in Jamaica with her younger sister Roxanne and Dog Jackie.]

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