Getting our attention using the little things

Hurrying to leave out early to beat the morning traffic, I ended up locking my keys inside my bedroom, leaving me stuck in the living room and unable to let myself out of the house.

Nothing seemed to be going right that day.

Many attempts were made to unlock the bedroom door but everything failed.

After calling work to inform them of my dilemma, I sat waiting for the day to end and that was when the importance of spending time with God and building a relationship with Him dawned on me.

In my rush to get out of the house, I did not set aside enough time to do it.

It was always routine for me to spend time with God by reading the Bible, praying and meditating. That morning however, I could hardly get out of bed and then my prayer when I tried was pretty vague.

a�?Good morning God…a�?

His word tells us to acknowledge Him in all our ways and He will direct us (Proverbs 3:6).

I didna��t know what God was trying to prevent me from or delay but there was this calm the minute I stopped trying to get the door open and decided to spend some time with Him.

As God providentially orchestrates our lives, He uses all kind of events to get our attention. He uses situations as opportunities for us to grow more mature spiritually.

More often, it is the ordinary things that God uses to get our attention and we need to stay alert so we hear what He wants to tell usa�� not simply to hear, but to obey.

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ciprostad kaufen. [About the Author: Kyra Simpson also known as Kerry-Ann Simpson is a devoted Christian who lives in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She recently discovered her true calling in Media. She is passionate about the things of God and wishes to use her talents to glorify Him.]


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