God made you special

a�?God made you special, God made you so very special, for there is no one else who is just like you, special you are.a�?

Thata��s one of the theme songs on the bus I sometimes take to work in the mornings. After the devotions, the coordinator usually asks everyone to sing the words and greet each other by saying, a�?you are special.a��

This morning I sat beside an elderly woman. As we began singing she turned to me, shook my hand and said, a�?God made you special.a��
In response I looked at her and said, a�?you a�� are – special.a��

In her eyes I saw something; it was something I had been noticing for a few days but for the first time I was able to see it clearly in her.

As I told her, a�?you-are-speciala�� I saw what appeared to be a glimmer in her eyes. It was so beautiful. It was so warm and welcoming. It reminded me of everything that was good about this world.

As everyone continued singing the atmosphere changed and the glimmer moved from within her and flickered across the room.

I watched it go.

Everything and everyone then came alive. People started smiling and laughing. Some even seemed to be laughing for canadian pills store. no good reason as they drifted off in conversation.

As we continued to travel the busy streets of Kingston in the morning traffic, even the rickety bus seemed to be laughing after discounts for sildenafil. a while. It was as if someone had awoken it out of its mundane existence and told it that it was special too.

It was such a beautiful moment in time.

It makes such a difference when you know who you are. When you know that you are uniquely created by God and are special to him.


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