God Provides

It just dawned on me. I didna��t even connect the dots until some minutes after.

a�?Whoaaaa�? I exclaimed when I had the realisation.

a�?God yu good!a�? I said to myself.

It was while driving to work this morning that I realised that I had left all my money and ATM card in another hand bag that I wore over the weekend.

a�?Darn!a�? I thought to myself.

I rummaged through my handbag and found $500, $140 of which was to be used to pay the toll to get into Kingston.

I wondered about lunch.

What would I do?

I had taken a multivitamin in the morning that made me feel like a crack head. I felt like I would sell anything to get food. This was not the day to go without.

Anyhow I got to work and about 10am I felt for a snack. I decided to eat the only thing left in my bag, a banana chips that prednisone for poison ivy for sale. I had taken from home. That was it! The last of my snacks for the day but I wasna��t thinking about lunch then.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! I was just munching on my chips.

Some minutes later Karla walked in. Karla is the mortgage broker who works with my Office.

I greeted her and we chatted a bit. She had a meeting that was to start in a few minutes and she asked if she could borrow my office.

a�?Surea�?, I told her.

I started getting my things out of the way to make the space ready for her. A few moments later the client called and advised that she was running late.

We chatted a little more then there was silence.

a�?Hey Sandie, How much for your lunch today?a�? I heard her say from my office, breaking the light humming sound of the air conditioning unit.

I didna��t hear her clearly at first but she asked again, a�?How much for your lunch today?a�?

I looked at her quizzically. a�?Really Karla!?a�?

I didna��t expect her to offer me anything and my facial expression told her as much.

a�?Yea!a�? She insisted. a�?Ia��m using your Office so going to buy you lunch.A� So how much?a�?

I told her a figure and she scampered over and handed me the money as if it were a little secret.

I told her thanks and joked that I hoped the Universe would return it to her.

a�?With lots of lovea�? she said, with a smile.

I placed the money on my desk, not making much of it.

I didna��t see then that a provision was being made for me. I didna��t see that a way was being made to provide for something that cialis daily use reviews. I wanted. The provision was coming so I wouldna��t lack anything.

a�?God yu good!a�? burst from my lips when I realised what was happening.

I stood for a while and just reflected on His goodness. In that moment it really felt like He was right there.

What my co-worker did was a seemingly small gesture but it was indicative of a much larger and greater picture. God provides.

a�?But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.a�? Philippians 4:19

There are days when that word is hard to believe. There are times when He does not feel present and one cana��t help but wonder if He is around. The doubtful thoughts creep in and you wonder whether He has just left you to do everything on your own. But then something like what happened to me this morning occurs and it reminds you that you ought to know better.

While some may consider it to be a mere coincidence, it is yet another example of things working out when I needed it to. You may have your very own experiences, perhaps something that happened recently or maybe long ago.

Reflect on it.

It is a reminder that God provides. The things that concern us concern Him. The things uttered in prayer and those things mulled over in our minds He hears and He makes provision.

[photo credit: Lunch for the day]

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