Happy Holidays

This morning I spent some time working in the garden. It felt so good to be outside with the cool wind blowing. The weather is always so perfect at this time of year. I love it!

As I worked in the yard my neighbor saw me and said, a�?you better watch out Sandie!a�� I turned to him and asked a�?whya�� innocently. He replied, a�?because Santa Claus is coming to Town.a��

I laughed. He laughed too. For the rest of time I could hear him singing in his yard. He seemed so happy.

Today many people are busy cooking, cleaning and spending time with family members and friends. The well wishes are many. Christmas is really in the air.

While many are busy celebrating there are others among us who are feeling lonely, forgotten, neglected and very sad. Not everyone among us is feeling the festivities. A lot of how to buy cialis. people are aching and just waiting for the days to quickly go by.

I dona��t know which group you fall in today but if you are one of those persons feeling down I want to share something with you that I want you to remember as you go through this season.

a�?The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed [or discouraged] in spirit.a�? Psalm 34:18

Today I hope this Bible verse will remind you that you are not alone. You are not neglected. God cares about everything that concerns you including the way you are feeling salbutamol on line. right this minute. Be reminded that you are not without someone who loves you. God loves you much more than you could ever know and He is close to you. Dona��t lock yourself away today. Dona��t bury yourself in depression. This too shall pass. Your life is not locked up in this season.

Be encouraged!

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