He did it already, Hea��ll do it again

I spent some time praying a�� well, actually I even decided to fast too.

I had an issue before me and I needed direction and wisdom to know how best to move forward.

Seeking God in prayer always helps with things like that. Even if you dona��t get an answer right away, after a while things just have an eerie way of working out and the answer or answers you need will just unfold before you.

So I prayed. I told myself that I wouldna��t worry a�� not this time. Nevertheless, I did have the never ending questions in my head; what if things dona��t work out? What if this? What if that?

I dona��t know about you but I am not much of a fan of uncertainties a�� I like to know my footing. Life doesna��t allow that most times though a�� often times when we make a move, we are only able to see things one step at a time with no idea what lies around the bend. That can be scary and not many of us like it.

So there I was contemplating all these things on the second day of prayer. I was trying to avoid as many distractions as I could and keep my mind clear. I wanted a clear word, nothing that I would have to guess my way through but something that I could hear or feel and definitely know that, yes, this is God!

I was in my office sometime later when something came to my mind. It didna��t happen at a time when I was consciously thinking about anything and it came in two forms; (i) as if someone spoke to me and (ii) as if I spoke to myself.

(i). A�A� Everything that you have ever asked me for I have given to you. I have not withheld my hand and still you do not trust me.
(ii).A�A�A� Everything I have ever asked God for he has given to me, He has not withheld His hand, and still I do not trust Him.

I paused for a while.

I paused and I contemplated it. I scanned my memory for different occasions when I prayed and things worked out. I remembered as I do now praying for specific things and I received them. I remembered times when I found myself at a bend, not knowing what laid before me but things turned out for good.

I keep hearing this message over and over. It is the one thing that continues to be impressed upon my spirit a�� trust me.

God could do things for us, time and time again and yet when something new arises; an obstacle, a seemingly impossible situation, we somehow seem to forget.

Why do we forget? Why does He have to keep reminding us that, we can trust Him. The same way He came through for you when you were in that situation, it is the same way that He can and will come through for you right now.

Things may seem delayed and the timing may be off but if He did the miraculous for you one time, I am sure canada pharmacy for methotrexate. He can do it again.

I was about to drift off to sleep when this all came back to me and I felt led to share it. Trust me, thata��s what He said. It is one of those ongoing reminders that will be confirmed in your spirit time and time again. The act of trust is something that we have to learn and He is taking us through it.

To trust means to have total confidence in someone or something. What if we really had that total confidence in God and fully relied on Him? Then nothing and no one would be able to shake our faith as we would be firmly rooted in God and the knowledge of what He can do.

The good news is that He wants to take us to that place. No matter the circumstances that are facing you this minute, remember that you serve a God who just wants you to trust Him and for good reason. He would not ask you to do it if He was incapable of coming through for you.

Be encouraged.

[About the Author: Sandie Heron is a designated National Mentor under the Respect Agenda Campaign in Jamaica. She has a desire to use her passion for creative writing and videography to inspire and uplift others . Follow her posts each week on www.ourevidence.com]

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