He meets us where we are

I was listening to a broadcast on a Christian radio station while driving home from work.

A Pastor was on and he was talking about the importance of prayer.

He was encouraging listeners to cry out to God in prayer and to never stop seeking Him.

a�?But I do that all the time!a�? I found myself responding aloud.

a�?Lord I talk to you all the time! Sure, I dona��t always get up at 3am and lock myself in the closet to pray, but I talk to you allll the time!a�? I said.

Praying in the wee hours of the morning is the ultimate form of prayer life for me. Without that my utterances throughout the day sometimes doesna��t feel like much.

The Pastor was still speaking on the Radio.

a�?We need prayer to usher in the presence of Goda�? he said. A�

I thought about it.

Goda��s presence.

I had not felt His presence in a while. I mean in a tangible way like I felt in the early days when I had just been saved.

I longed to be in the midst of it; to feel the goose pimples or the stillness as the Holy Spirit moved through a room of believers.

I wondered in that moment how I could feel it again, almost as if I needed to whip up some magic potion to get it.

I thought of the Church I had been attending.

a�?Maybe I need to go back therea�? I thought to myself.

I had grown weary of what had started to feel like mere rituals. So much noise, so many distractions and so mucha�� confusion.A� A�

I wanted more of God but it was hard to express the sense that I had lost touch with Him in the place where He was meant to be.

Nevertheless, I considered revisiting.

I began to calculate (silly me) how long I might have to sit in service and wait for Goda��s presence to arrive. I thought of hours of long talking and perhaps days of robotic movement doing things that didna��t interest or edify me, all in hopes of a�?catchinga�? a feel of Him when He passed by. A�

I had gone through the toll booth and was about to exit the highway towards the Spanish Town roundabout when the Pastor started praying. He invited listeners to first join him in repeating some declarations.

I began repeating.

I cancel every attack against me in the name of Jesus!

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I come against every attack on my mind!

I cancel every attack against my ministry!

I cancel every attack against my destiny!


I started speaking softly but then I found myself getting louder and louder, praying things that he did not even tell me to say. A�

Then, right there in the car, something started to happena��

Inside the car suddenly felt different!

As I was praying something was happening to me. It felt like an electric charge was moving all over my body; in the palm of my hands, on my face, through my nostrils, in the core of my belly and on my head.

Out of nowhere I started crying. I was still driving, but had to pull over.

There at the side of the road, I wept.

My tears were communicating my frustration. My frustration with religion, my frustration with all the happenings at Church, my frustration with things I didna��t understand but wanted to, and mya�� deep unquenchable desire for Him.

I couldna��t believe that His presence actually showed up. Only a few minutes before I was trying to devise and structure a way to find Him, but right there in that moment and in the place I least expected, His tangible presence showed up.

All I could manage to say was, a�?thank you Lord, thank you Lord!a��

My location didna��t matter at that moment. I was so grateful to be in the midst of what was happening and to understand what was being communicated. He was telling me something that I believe all of us need to hear at some point, a�?I meet you where you are.”

My mind was full of so many questions and He heard and responded.

I drove the rest of the journey home feeling comforted.

I didn’t have to do all the things I thought I needed to do in order to have audience with Him. Through prayer I was able to reach Him and you can too, right where you are.

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[About the Author: Sandie Heron is a blogger at www.ourevidence.com as well as a Producer/Presenter at Roots 96.1Fm. Listen her show every Friday at 12:45pm mixlr.com/roots-961fm]



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