He Sees You

I visited my father over the weekend. I had some business to take care of on the road and finished early so I decided to stop by.

My brother had sent a message that he had a baby girl who visited him on weekends so I was hopeful that she would be there and I would be able to see her.A�

I drove along Spanish Town Road and made a left turn into the inner city community of Seaview Gardens where they live. It was also the place I called home up to my early teenage years.A�

As I entered the community I looked at the stretch of road from Spanish Town Road that led into the community. It felt similar yet it looked so very different.A�

As I drove by I recalled the days when I would walk from the community all the way up to Water House to go to Primary School. The journey was long, now I dona��t know how I was able to do it but I ordering lutbium. would walk that journey every morning and evening to get to and from school (except those days when I got a ride on my fathera��s bike).A�

As I reminisced I thought of my younger self; coppered skin dotted with freckles, skinny legs and not so perfect uniforms.A�

a�?Lord, did you see me then?a�? I asked the question under my breath as I drove.A�

As I passed the familiar stretch and headed towards my dada��s house I felt a reassurance inside that God did see me. That every morning as I walked to school He was there watching me. That not only was He watching but He had full knowledge of all that would unravel in my life in the future. That He knew on those days when I walked that a day would come when I would drive by. That He knew that in every area of lack that supply would come. That He knew that wherever there were blockages that open doors would present themselves. That He knew that where there was pain there would be healing. That He knew that where there were curses deliverance would come.A�

He was at that very point able to see it all.A�

Today I want to encourage you that in the same way God sees you where you are right this minute. He sees and He understands the intricacies of your situation. He sees everything that concerns you and He is watching over you as you move forward from day to day. You may not be aware of it but He is playing an intricate role in your life.A�

Where you are now is not final and it most certainly is not the end of your story. There is more to come, your situation will improve and when it does you will know that God was there with you all along.A�

He is more invested in you than you think. You may not know how things will turn out from here but rest confidently in the One who is able to see the end from the beginning. My 10 year old self was not hidden from God and I was reminded of that last weekend. In the same way be reminded that your younger self also was not hidden from Him and neither are you at the present stage where you are.A�

He sees you.A�

He knows you.A�

Trust that He sees where you are going and He is guiding you along.

[photo credit: yungfredom.blogspot.com]



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