His Goodness

The hell fear factor never did work on me before i got saved. I was never one of those persons a christian could pull the hell story on. As a matter of fact i did not even believe in hell. Whenever someone warned, ‘serve God…today may be your last day…you dont know what the next minute holds…hell is waiting…’ it meant nothing to me.

I didnt want to serve God out of fear of hell or death and I would always counter by saying, ‘well what if i dont die tomorrow… I want to serve God even if I know I will live a million years…even if I will go to hell…a�� What a very bold statement to make, dona��t you think?

Now i am at a place where spiritual realities are real to me and still hell is not my focus. I serve God not out of fear of going to hell or death, i serve him because he has made himself real to me and responded to my cry when i ran to him. I serve him because I have experienced his loving kindness and my heart is grateful.

I now recognise that there is no one way to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. I realise and understand rabeprazole. that there are so many persons who will not come to God because of fear of hell or death. One of my mandates therefore is to forever remind others of Goda��s love for them and of the great peace he offers when we turn to him. I want to forever encourage others that no matter who they are or what they have done that they can change and that God is willing and ready to embrace them. I want to forever speak of his love and hope that by doing so and sharing my own testimonies that I can plant a seed in their hearts that will eventually lead them to true repentance.

Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

a�?your loving kindness, your loving kindness, ita��s better than lifea��a�?

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