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She was 81 years old. "We shed an family buddy today…the entire world knew her as Ellie Mae Clampet… I’m glad for your period we got to spend with her and every one of the wisdom and classes that the children mastered from her! I will eternally hear her whistle and "y’all come back today, hear"!!! Notice you to the different area, my friend!!!" Donna came to be Doris Smith, married at 16, had a son at 21, and was divorced at that same-age. Starting as being a modeling career, Donna observed work with televisions "Perry Como Present" and "Steve Allen Show," nonetheless it was an appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Present" that triggered flick company Hal Wallis to take notice. After having a bit-part in the flick "Lil Abner" (1959), Donna delivered to modeling before attaining a role in the movie "Fan Keep Coming Back" (1961) which highlighted Steel Hudson and Doris Day. She was likewise included on Boris Karloffs anthology collection "Thriller" in an event also starring William Shatner and Russell Brown. "The Beverly Hillbillies" opened in 1962 with Donna within the purpose of the critter-loving tomboy Elly May Clampett. One event through the second season, "The Enormous Jackrabbit," was probably the most watched Television episode as much as its broadcasting, and stays probably the most observed half hour episode of a show.

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Through the line run, Donna costarred with Elvis Presley in the video "Frankie and Johnny" (1966). However, all accounts also show there was no love between Elvis and Donna during filming, but they did develop a friendship as buddies due to their southern backgrounds and interest in religion. Further presents were not future and she never made another video. She guest starred on equivalent packages inside the same role, along with the persona was included in colour books, as a toy, and in additional toys and activities through the collection run. She reprised her Elly May position in a 1981 TV movie, "Return of the Beverly Hillbillies" as well as in 1993 rejoined with Ebsen and Max Baer, who enjoyed Jethro, for "The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies," a CBS TV particular. She is a wonderful small door opener for me personally since folks appreciate her, and they adore the Hillbillies. But, just like any skills, she may start a door for you, but you have to get substance or honesty to advance you during that door." "The two issues I am most expected is basically still love insects and can I however whistle like Elly May. In 1993, Douglas registered a $200-million suit against Disney, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler, their manufacturing companies, and Innovative Artists Organization boasting that the flick "Sister Work" was plagiarized from the book, "A Nun in the Dresser," that she owned the rights to film, which shed created a screenplay which were published to Disney, Goldberg, and Midler three times during 1987 and 1988. Douglas rejected a $1 million provide to settle the case, as well as the judge found in favor of Walt Disney Photos along with the different defendants.

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Donna Douglas kept occupied singing gospel, making shows, and producing childrens guides. Donna likewise did charity work promoting Religious kid’s homes while in the southern states. The 2 personalities typically seemed together at conferences or salutes towards the string at the TV Land Honors. "She was Elly May before time she perished," Baer informed the internet site RumorFix. "Once I noticed her for autograph signings or different gatherings, she usually clothed the exact same with pink or violet, not to mention these signature pigtails." He said she’d pancreatic cancer going back weeks of her life. "But she was an extremely private person nothing can beat me." A buddy informed him Donna had a message for him: "Inform Maxie I thought I used to be likely to improve."