Sandie Heron – CEO & Founder

“Our Evidence" was birthed in November 2011 out of a desire to know my true purpose and calling. It happened after I embarked on a journey with God and began to seek him on the direction I should take. I really did not have a clue but little by little the revelations came.

Things that I thought were mere hobbies or little quirks in my personality became the very things that I realized he wanted me to use.

My heart’s desire is to use my passion for creative writing and videography to inspire and uplift others. I know that if i can do that for even just one person it would be worth it. 

What is presented here is evidence from my journey as well as the evidence presented by others. Together we give Our Evidence of the goodness of God.

What He has done for us we know that He can do for you too if you only choose to trust and believe in Him. 

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Shawn Wiltshire – Web Administrator (The nerd in the group)

“A Graduate of the University of Technology Jamaica, I received a Bachelors’ of Science in Enterprise Computing. After several years working professionally in Information Technology, I developed a deep passion for web development and network administration.

I was blessed to have found a profession that I love, which has since turned into an obsession, and I always strive for excellence.”

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Claudene Givans - Contributing Writer

My love for reading birthed my desire to write. As a child reading books made me excited and gave me a glimpse into other worlds; other realities and fantasies. However I wasn’t satisfied with just reading books- I wanted to write my own books. At the age of thirteen (13) I became a Christian and my life took a new turn- God’s purpose for my life was birthed. During the summer holidays of that year, I started my journey as an author/ writer. I wrote a Teenage Romance novel, and I felt a sense of purpose I couldn’t fully comprehend at the time. With each chapter I wrote, my friends would huddle together during the lunch breaks at Summer School deeply engaged by the story in my hard cover note book. I felt as if I had written a Best Seller; in the eyes of my peers I had.

I also started writing skits and dramatic pieces during that year at my church. Writing became a passion that seemed insatiable. I loved the joy my writing brought to others and the message of Christ that could be shared with the world. I knew from then that God had blessed me with a talent in which He could use for His glory and purpose.

This website ( is one of the ways in which God has channelled my talent to affect the lives of many. I truly believe that I am anointed, through my writing to proclaim good news to the poor, minister to the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for those held captive by sin, to give beauty for ashes, grant joy for mourning and to release the garment of praise for those experiencing despair. By doing this I believe God will empower others to walk in His design for their lives. (Isaiah 61:1-4)

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