The influence of sex on fitness

What influence does sex have on your muscles and performance in the gym? If Freud were to look at bodybuilders and the time and effort they put into improving their physical, he would probably have blamed this on the unconscious desire for sex. The last thing you would want to hear as a bodybuilder is that when you subsequently have sex (“mission accomplished”) this could be at the expense of your further results in the gym. That sex would have a negative influence on your performance in the gym is not a popular message, but science and journalism are more often unpopular so “fuck it”, or actually not?

The influence of sex on fitness performance
Yes, there it is again, the T-word. Testosterone plays an important role in men’s libido, the desire for sexuality and the extent to which you can successfully have sex or get and keep it up. In addition, testosterone has a major contribution to the development of men’s muscle mass. It is not for nothing that anabolic androgenic steroids are based on this male sex hormone. Unfortunately, there are many different opinions about the “optimum frequency of ejaculating”, some better substantiated than others. Here, however, I am mainly interested in the effect on testosterone because this in turn has an effect on your muscle mass. I found clarity in any case on the following two topics.

How does watching porn affect fitness?
Scientists are still arguing whether viewing porn affects the physical condition of a person, and fitness. One thing is for sure – watching porn improves libido and improves the overall condition of the human body. We can recommend you one of the best sites for adults in 2019 – There you will find 4k videos with creampie and cumshot scenes. Nothing beats the level of intimacy and joy you feel while dumping your load deep inside girl you are having sex with. This is the one and only thing we care about in this series. We bring the hottest teen pornstars on the web to finally let us creampie them!

Sex and Testosterone
I wrote “mission accomplished” above because you could argue that your body thinks so too when it comes to testosterone levels. Immediately after cumming, your testosterone drops. This was shown, among other things, by research from the University of Essen in Germany. They had test subjects watch an erotic film to see what happens to testosterone levels during the excitement of watching, after ejaculation and the same again but after 3 weeks of abstinence.
The values ​​after 10 and 20 minutes were used as the starting value because no erotic material was shown at that time. After 20 minutes erotic images were shown whose influence was measured after 30 minutes. Watching porn caused the testosterone to rise while watching both before and after abstinence although the difference is greater for abstinence. After 30 minutes (so after watching porn for 10 minutes), they were instructed to masturbate to ejaculation. We see the testosterone rise further (between minutes 30 and 40), also not surprising. The effects of cumshot are shown at the values ​​after 40 minutes. We then see the testosterone fall as fast as it rose before.