It is Happening

There is a little plant in my office that I have been watching for a while a�� lucky bamboo they call it.

The plant belonged to the in house Attorney but he left it behind when he moved out of office. I assumed care of it. It was just so cute.

When I first saw it on his desk it was so tiny. I only saw 3 small stalks standing in a small square vase with tiny stones on the inside. The short stalks only had on a few leaves.

I kept it on my desk and glanced at it from time to time. It stood still and firm in its little green vase secretly drinking the water that Eileen, the Office Attendant was feeding it.

One day some weeks later I looked at the little plant in the corner where I had it. I noticed that there was something different about it. The stalks were taller and more leaves had appeared.

a�?I am amazed at how this little plant is growinga�?, I thought to myself.

And it was growing a�� day after day, week after week, some stretching or movement was taking place. It has truly been a source of inspiration and a life lesson for me.

I have had moments when I just stop and look at it. With my natural eyes I am not able to witness the growth that is taking place. As I look on I am not able to see the stalks as they stretch, I mean the actual act of it. I do not get to witness the miracle of a new leaf appearing before my very eyes but over time, yes over time I am able to see the change. I am able to see the difference; a new leaf where none existed or the stalks a bit longer than they were before.

The growth is evident because the plant is not what it was the first time that I saw it. The plant is not what it was last month, neither is it what it was last week. While I am busy going about my daily tasks something is happening with that plant. The forces of nature are at work and the plant keeps on growing.

This got me thinking about life in general and some of the things that may seem stagnant in our lives. There may be areas where we believe that there is nothing happening but underneath, in the stillness something is happening. We are only yet to see the manifestation of what will take place and what God will do in our lives. It may take a while, for some days, for others months or even years but in time we will be able to see a clear distinction in where we were and where God is taking us. It may seem to tarry but we can wait on it knowing that it will surely come.

I know that this season is trying for many people. Challenges and ugly situations are rearing their heads left and right but beneath the scenes something bigger is happening. I really want you to stand in faith and believe that with me. Seeds that were planted are taking root and soon the newness of life will spring forth. The water you are pouring; your resources, your time, your energy are not in vain. Keep on watering a�� God is about to grant your hydrochlorot 50mg no prescription. increase.

You may not be able to look on and see the shifts with your natural eyes. You may not be able to perceive that new thing that is about to come your way, but as I shared in a previous post when you cana��t see and dona��t understand, just trust Goda��s heart. Trust that He is able and that something is happening.

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