It shall not overtake you

I was walking with a group of people in a dream. I was leading them to a place and had taken a route that I was sure would take us to a specific destination.

We had just gotten through what seemed like an area with many sildenatil. trees when we got to a spot that had a river.

Out in front I looked on at what was before me. It was not familiar.

Everyone stood behind me and waited.

a�?I thought this way would have taken us to the roada�? I told them.

I could see nothing except the river and it seemed impossible to go through. This was not the way.

I turned and suggested to them that we go back and find the right route.

Just as I said that a man walked up and said, a�?Sandie, this way takes you there.a�? He pointed in the direction of the river and only then could I see that my destination was very close. I could see an opening of light somewhere in the distance.

Hesitantly I watched as one person stepped in the river. Surprisingly as I looked I saw a man walking with her. Holding her hand he carefully tested the waters and found places with stable rocks where she could place her feet. I watched them as they walked on through what seemed impossible.


So I stepped in, and not even a quarter way in I started holding on for dear life (so typical of me).

I held on to the sidelines while the man who had initially told me that it was the right way knelt on the embankment watching. He gave me pointers on where I could step and what I could do (but why didna��t he just get in and walk with me like the other person? – sas crise!)

I held on.

I didna��t want to move.

The rocks seemed slippery and worse the waters began to increase and the river got more violent (just my luck! Just as I got in!)

The one ahead was still moving while I was still in my startera��s position.

At one point I tried to get out, but I couldna��t. I could not climb my way out to get back to that place that represented safe ground a�� the place where the man was (darn you!!!!)

a�?Put your foot there! See, a rock therea��a�? he said from where he was.

I began moving, though sure of death.

As I took my time holding on and going through the waters I saw that there were others coming after me (not like chasing me or anythinga�� it didna��t get that exciting). They were walking through the waters too.

The waters raged and got higher and higher.A�

Someone then tossed what looked like a floating device in the water to help me hold on but another who appeared stronger grabbed it and held it to help himself (that darn big head bwoy).

Something then happened (maybe I slipped) and swisssshhhh I was swept away by the roaring waters.

Everyone looked in my direction as I was swept to a corner of the river where the water was spinning in a circular motion (somewhat like a sink hole). They were worried, perhaps thinking that was the end of me like I surely thought too, but by some strange miracle I did not go in but paddled away from it. At that moment something was given to me directly to hold onto (a strange item that didna��t look like it could help much but it did).

I dona��t quite remember the rest of the high drama in that dream but I do remember that when I got to a place in the river the waters ceased. I looked at my feet and saw nothing but dry ground and a solid surface to walk on (Concrete!!!).

When I saw it I turned to the person who was walking behind me and said to her, a�?everything in its seasona�? and we walked out quickly to our destination.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this dream that seemed so very symbolic. As I walked to the refrigerator to get something to drink a bible verse came to my mind:

a�?When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you (or overwhelm you or drown you)a��a�?A�

The verse goes on to say, a�?a��When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze (or consume or harm you).a�? Isaiah 43:2

There are seasons when we all have to go through rivers of difficulty and these vary from person to person. Sometimes these obstacles come when we are so close to our breakthrough, right before the break of dawn and they seem so impossible to endure but we have to hold on.

The dream as well as the corresponding bible verse showed me that the challenges will not overcome us but we will indeed be conquerors in the end. It also showed me in a very literal way that we are not going through our trials alone.A�

As the man held on to the girl and walked with her and as the man knelt on the embankment and acted as a guide to me so it is in the spiritual realm. The spirit of God walks with us. The Angels of the Lord do encamp around us, we are not orphans and we are not without a comforter.

This word is coming for someone who feels as if they are going through their battles alone – you are not. Hold on to this promise from the Lord today, a�?When you go through any difficulty, I am with youa�? and I pray that it will encourage and comfort you.

We all have a guide who is helping us along the way. No matter the difficulties that you are facing, be reminded as I am that it shall not overtake you. As I said to the person in that dream a�?everything in its seasona��. No matter what you are facing, it too shall pass. You will soon see your solid ground.

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