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a�?Look at me now ,weh them treat mi less than good, put me inna box like a rectangle,oh oh look at me now, oh look at me now, oh look at me now, and me a tell you my life weh them use to go round me go round no one use to come round me my life was so lonely, look at me now, look at me now, look at me now. a�?~ Nesbeth

The song a�?My Dreama�� sung by the Reggae artiste Nesbeth has recently gained much popularity within Jamaica. Other than the fact that this is a very catchy and rhythmic song; it is also a song many can relate to at some point of their lives. A point in which you were at your lowest and some even thought that this was the best life had to offer you.

Some even went a step further and treated you in a poor manner because they thought that was all you deserved. You may have even accepted the lie that it didna��t make sense to aim higher because you would always be overlooked and there would always be someone better suited for that dream or yearning you had. As a matter of fact you may still be in that state.

May I offer you a word of encouragement today? Keep dreaming!

I dona��t know what Nesbetha��s story is but Ia��m sure ita��s an inspiring one. However, the Bible does tell us of an inspirational young man who never stopped dreaming- in other words he never stopped believing in and kept pushing towards his dreams: Joseph.

Josepha��s story is well known to many and has been used to encourage many through their darkest hour. He was a young man who started having prophetic dreams in his early years, however whenever he shared them he was often discouraged from believing them and despised by his brothers because of them. (Genesis 37)

They were dreams that showed that one day he makers of cialis. would be in a position in which others would bow before him; dreams of greatness. However things went downhill rather early. He was sold by his brothers into slavery and when there seemed to be a glimmer of hope it was quickly put out when he was lied on and then thrown into prison.

What I find rather interesting though is a conversation that took place between Joseph and another prisoner during his incarceration. After interpreting the prisonera��s dream he also admonished him with these words: a�?But remember me when it is well with you, and please show kindness to me; make mention of me to Pharaoh, and get me out of this house.a�? (Genesis 40:14)

This was a direct instruction that Joseph gave his fellow prisoner. It was as if Joseph was still holding on to his dreams of greatness and God was still showing him how this would be achieved; because two years later the exact thing happened.

Do you notice that Joseph never hesitated in interpreting the dreams of the two prisoners (Genesis 40: 9-19)? He instantly interpreted their dreams. Joseph definitely had the gift of interpretation of dreams, because he was accurate on both counts (Genesis 40: 20-22). It would mean that if he never knew what his dreams meant at the time he shared it with his family; he definitely knew the interpretation at this point of the story. So within him was the dream he had received that one day many would bow before him and he still believed it.

I believe his request of the prisoner to mention him to Pharaoh was not just a slip of the tongue; but one in which showed that Joseph knew where he was destined and would seize every opportunity to get there. Isna��t that awesome?!

What about you?

Has life thrown you so many curveballs that you feel deflated and unenthused about pursuing your dreams? Are you facing so many insurmountable challenges that you feel dreaming big makes no sense?

Have you been disappointed too many times and find yourself fearful to believe again?

Well in spite of what your past looks like and your present, your future can still be marked by greatness. Ita��s not too late. God is not through with you yet! Dust off that dream, declare what God says concerning your life and His plans for you, keep praying about it and when the opportunities present themselves – seize them!

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