Know When to Slow Down

I think I finally got the hang of parallel parking on Saturday. I will be going for my drivera��s license soon (late, I know) so my instructor has been taking me out on weekends.

He and I had been over different techniques and on Saturday I finally found my way in between the cones and with ease too. I felt soooo super!

Driving has been giving me a real fantastic feeling lately. I love the feeling that comes over me when I finally master something.

I had one of those exhilarating moments about two weeks ago. My instructor picked me up real early in the morning and told me we were going for a ride. a�?Me a carry you go Spanish Town because me want show you the route the Examiner might carry you ona�? he told me.

a�?Oka�? I answered and hopped in the drivera��s seat with perhaps too much excitement.
He settled in the passengera��s seat next to me and sort of slumped in his chair. (I really think he is starting to trust my a�?excellenta�� driving skills by now. Lol)

So anyhoo I was driving cool like Ms. Mary on a Sunday morning – going about 40 on a smooth stretch of Road heading to Mandela Highway. It was really nice and pretty and the air felt fantastic.A� As I was getting close to a bend I felt a strong gush of wind against my face and I was just in time to catch the tail of a Pajero flying pass me.

a�?Whoaaaaa��, I thought a�� a�?Look how fast hea��s goinga��a�?

I was smiling like a little lunatic on the inside. 🙂 a�?Hea��s going really fast!a�?

As I drove on I began to really enjoy the feel of the road beneath my wheels and I wanted to go faster. I decided to step a little on the gas and I glanced excitedly on the speedometer as the needle slowly climbed to 50 and then 60 and thena�� and then my instructor stirred in his chair and said, “Tek time.”

With that I eased my foot off the gas and reverted to my slow steady pace, a�?40 it isa�?
My instructor reminded me of the speed limit, a�?50a�?.

What he said apparently went through one ear and flew through the other because it was a different story on the highway. I did not know that I could get soooooooooo excited about a nice stretch of road. I had to try to go faster! I must know how it feels! To really hit it! Floor it! Press it! The adrenaline was rushing as I climbed close to 80.

My instructor quickly cautioned, a�?slow down! Tek yuh time!a�?

Soon we were in Spanish Town, heading towards Eltham. My instructor drove pass the depot and showed me just where I would be taking the examination.A� He wanted me to be familiar with the process so on the day of my test it would not hit me by surprise.

After we drove pass the depot we headed to the possible routes I might be taken on and he told me questions I should expect. I nodded to express my understanding as I drove towards a nice stretch of road that was up ahead.

So we all know what happened next 🙂 My little needle was climbing, climbing pass 40, climbing pass 50 🙂

a�?Slow down a�� tek yuh time!a�? my Instructor said sternly. a�?Is dat is your problem enuh. You no wa tek your time. The Examiner not interested in how fast you going but that you follow the instructions dat him give to you on the day,a�? He told me.

With that I thought, “Wow” That really had me slowing down and it really got me thinking too.

So often we are driving through life at record speed. We are pressing gas, hitting it hard in an attempt to get ahead. We observe others who are in the fast lane dashing ahead of us and when we see them we want to move fast too. But when we do this we ignore the process that we must go through and sometimes place ourselves in so much danger.

My instructor really got me thinking about the importance of staying in my lane and going at my own speed. We cana��t do what others do. That driver in the Jeep that flashed pass me was once in my position, driving with the a�?La�? and he/she at one point had to go slow too (I presume).

My Instructor, without knowing it also got me thinking about God too – the caution he gave me really struck my spirit.

I found myself so very busy in 2013. I always had something to do; vast # of meetings to attend, numerous things to think about & process; studying for school, work, church, managing a website and doing my part at home.

I was so tightly wired.

Though it was a very productive year, towards the end I felt as if I was burning out and just wanted to get away.

I learnt the hard way the importance of a�?slowing down and taking my time.a�� I learnt the importance of protecting my space and having quiet time alone and with God to reflect and reboot. I learnt the importance of prioritizing.

God really was not in interested in how fast I was going. He instead wanted to know that I was hearing his instructions and following what he said. He wanted to know that I wasna��t so busy that I could not find time in the early mornings or late at nights to slow down and speak with him. It was a hard lesson to learn.

We truly put ourselves in danger sometimes. We get so busy in the fast lane (pursuing the dreams, trying to meet deadlines, buy in manchester uk viagra generic. getting caught up with the routine of work and even church) that we forget to take time; to go slow, to watch out for the stop sign, to listen when we need to turn, to properly observe those who might be coming too close to us to put us in danger, to hear when we ought to reverse or take another route.

It is necessary.

When you feel overwhelmed, agitated, stressed out, and unfulfilled a�� hear and listen to the alarms! Sometimes it is the Holy Spirita��s way of telling you to a�?slow down and take your time.a��

God is not so interested in how fast we are going and all the things we believe we need to achieve. Yes he does want us to be fruitful but not to our detriment. What he wants more than anything is for us to hear and obey his instructions and often times we dona��t see and hear clearly when we are dashing ahead.

Remember – to – take – your – time.

Have an amazing day!!! Be sure to check out our videos 🙂

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