Know who you are

Bible Mirrora�?Sandie how me look?a�� my classmate asked me as we walked to the bus stop on Wednesday.

a�?You look oka��, I responded.

a�?Yea, but how me look? how me hair look?a�� she insisted.

I looked at her hair and her face that was eager for a reply and said, a�?it looks alright, I mean it doesna��t have in the curls like you normally wear it but it is still simple and ok.a��

My response still didna��t seem to satisfy her. She clearly wanted to know more.

a�?Well, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rank it?a��

I giggled and asked, a�?Are you serious?a��

The expression on her face told me she was and for the first time I realized that she was sad.

a�?Sandie me self conscious bad you knowa��a�� she confessed.

a�?You are a beautiful girl, you are very pretty…a�� I reassured her. I wanted to make her feel better but I was also telling the truth. She was indeed very beautiful and everyone in class thought the same but on that day she didna��t know it and could not see.

My malegra fxt plus pharmacy. classmate is not the only person who experiences these moments. I have my days when I too feel like an ugly duckling and I am usually quite surprised and sometimes even annoyed when I receive a compliment.

We are not always able to see who we are. We are not always able to see what we possess and this is not only true of beauty.

How many of us are sitting on great dreams and visions that have the power to effect a positive change in this world because we lack courage? How many of us are burying talents that only we possess because we just do not recognize what we have and the value of it?

When we begin to ask questions such as, a�?Who am I? – How do I look? – What can I do?’ the best person to look to for answers is God, the Master Creator who designed and formed us.

The Bible says in Genesis 1:27 that He formed us in His own likeness and image. Can you imagine that?This means that we are the mirror image of God Himself, everything that is awesome and great about God we were designed to be.

When our man-made mirrors become blurry and the standards of the world about who or what we should be confuse us, it is best for us to go back to our Creator and His word, because only then will we begin to truly see ourselves a�� as we ought to.

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