Lessons in the Mistakes

Mistakes are not always easy to deal with.

There are some who are able to overcome them easily; shake it off, laugh at themselves and move on but there are others (and perhaps more than we think) who find it hard to overcome them.

The result is often a silent kind of torture that can be crippling.

There are multiple things that popped up in my mind and several angles from which I could share but I feel led to talk specifically to people who feel as if they are a failure before God.

No one knows it but there are many people who feel disqualified to be used by God because of the mistakes that they have made or continue to make.

I went through a period like that.

See when I just got saved, I never really expected much. Giving one’s life to God for me just meant; no sex, no porn, no parties or carnival, no belly skin and regular Church attendance.

I never expected more than that and didn’t think much more was required but man was I in for a surprise.

I really gave it my best shot, well I had all intentions to, but after a while I felt like I was flunking here and there.

There were times when I felt I was failing at my duties at Church; failing my Pastor, failing members, not doing enough or not doing what I was doing well enough. All of that equated to me feeling as if I was failing God.

Mistakes! Ughh

Some days after Church I would walk to a park near my place of worship and cry or write in my journal. That happened for a while.

‘Why? Why? Why??’ I would ask. ‘Why am I going through all of this?’

See, I could have identified so many other people in the Church body who I thought were doing better and were more qualified than I was.

‘People come in and have no issues (look at so and so), why this have to happen to me?’ I lamented.

Then one day, I will never forget, I heard the small still voice say to me ever so clearly, “understand why you go through it. It is so you will be able to relate to others who will go through the same thing.”

I shook my head in disbelief.

In my estimation, those things were only happening to me. Everyone else seemed fine while I was struggling.

The season passed and several things happened but through it all I realized that I got stronger.

There were lessons I needed to learn that only came through all those experiences. Most importantly, my identity in God and who He was calling me to be became clearer and significantly developed.

After I went through that wilderness experience something began to happen. A host of people started reaching out to me to share some of the struggles they were having; in Church and in their walk with God.

I didn’t have much advice to give but I could give a listening ear because I was able to understand and not only understand but I was able to relate (if not to everything, some of it).

That’s the value of the mistakes that we make along the way. They teach us lessons that help us to grow and not only that but we can use those valuable lessons to help others on their own journey.

I did a video blog recently about my driving experience. I would beat up on myself so bad because of the scratches I was getting on the car.

If you haven’t seen the video you can check it out here.

In the video I shared what a guy at the car wash told me after he asked who had scratched the vehicle.

“THAT MEAN SAY YOU A DRIVE” he said after I told him I was the one who scratched it.

Driving meant I was in motion. I was out there learning and moving every single day. Though I made some errors I was getting better. I see the same happening with my spiritual journey.

The guy who asked about the scratches responded by using something to remove the mark from the car and I realized it is the same thing that God desires to do for us.

He alone can bind up our wounds and bruises when we come to Him. As we confess, He tosses it into the sea of forgetfulness and He remembers our sins no more. He gives us beauty for the ashes from our errors. He uses what was meant for harm for our good. He turns the tests into testimonies and mess into messages.

What the guy said to me at the car wash lifted such a load off my shoulders. I could feel a release. It is the same way that the Spirit of God wants to release us. He wants to lift the burden that has come because of all the things that we think we have done wrong.

Know today that you are not disqualified to be used by Him. He specializes in using imperfect people. The Bible gives so much evidence of that.

“There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh.” Romans 8:1

Have a great day!

[About the Author: Sandie Heron has a passion for writing and video production. She takes pleasure in the simple things in life and lives in Jamaica with her Sister Roxanne and Dog Jackie.]

photo credit: emerging nurse leader

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