Let’s Detox

Do we know when we are feeding our soul with too much junk?

Do we know when it time for a spiritual detox?

I recently had a conversation with my best friend.

She was telling me the reason for her babya��s a�?chromea�� skin.

Rockeem is two months old and has the most flawless skin I have ever seen.

My friend says it is all thanks to drinking cerasee and milk as well as taking prescribed vitamins during her pregnancy.

A day or two later I found myself on google researching the benefits of drinking cerasee.

Like Rockeem, of course I wanted that a�?chromea�� skin tooa�� Lol!

In addition to my google search, I enquired where to find this bush. Luckily, a friend had some of the tea prepared already and offered some.

The first night I drank a glass before bed. My research said it was best to drink the tea at nights.

I swallowed the dark brown mixture and laid in bed waiting for some form of bowel movement.

I read somewhere that that was supposed to happen.

As I laid there waiting a random thought crossed my mind, a�?how about a spiritual detox as well?a�? tetrecycline for dogs canada.

I thought of the time I went on a weight loss journey.

At the end of it I felt so much better in my mind and body.

During that time there were so many things that I eliminated from my diet that were not good for me and I ate mostly chicken breast, fruits and vegetables.

You see, just like the body, the spirit needs regular cleansing. It is so easy to consume spiritual junk food on a daily basis.

Media sources such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be so harmful for many of us.

In addition, games and watching netflix can become addictive and harmful.

Nothing is wrong with socializing and entertaining in moderation, however we sometimes get so caught up and go overboard without realizing.

A spiritual detox is not only necessary for Christians, because non-Christians like Christians, also desire to surround themselves with positivity and wellness. Many even desire for Goda��s peace to dwell with them but fail to eliminate the things that are toxic in order to make that connection.

Reading and meditating on the word of God benefits us in so many ways. Our hearts begin to change and our eyes become more open to things when we feed on the things that are of Him.

Our words also change and conversations become different and ultimately our actions are impacted. It is at that point that our spiritual lives begin to transform and we start to glow with His glory.

Like Rockeem, we become visibly different to others and more beautiful.

[About the Author: Kyra Simpson also known as Kerry-Ann Simpson is a devoted Christian who lives in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She recently discovered her true calling in Media. She is passionate about the things of God and wishes to use her talents to glorify Him.] chlamydia medication mail.