Sunday! Yea! a�?Iglooa�?, party on the beach.

Energy high! I always prepared dinner early on these special Sundays. They were very special to me.

Conch for dinnera�� it was one of my favourite meals.

My contact customer ed. life was a mess. I was there for everyone who needed me but when I needed someone, I felt like there was no one there. I even decided to take my life. Yes I did!A�

I thought it was the doctora��s works that saved me then but it wasn’t.

Parties, clubs and liquour became my means of comfort. I was feeling hype, so hype that I planned to get a tattoo on Monday.A�

Those were my plans that Sunday Morning, I was not concerned with God but right there in my kitchen He spoke.

God spoke to me.

There was a church at the top of my street that I never visited though I had been living in the community for 20 years. I ran there and that was the beginning of my journey with my Lord and Saviour.A�

This is one of my a�?Life Messages”. God has given us all Life Messages to share but most secure online pharmacy. are we sharing them? Or are we afraid to share them? A�

When we became a believer, we also became Goda��s Messengers and God wants to speak to the world through us. At times we will feel that we have nothing to share but thata��s the devil trying to keep us silent.A�

Speak up! You have a storehouse of experiences that God wants you to use to bring others to Him. Our testimonies are our Life Messages, sharing them tells others how our relationship with Jesus began and the difference He made in our lives. When we share our personal experiences regarding the Lord, it is very effective because unbelievers can see the difference right there before their eyes. We are a living testimony for Jesus Christ and we must speak of the good things He has done for us. This is an important mission for us who believe and trust God.

There are persons who will not readily accept the authority of the Bible, but will listen to a humble, personal story. Once we start our relationship with Jesus, many different problems will come: temptations, trials and persecution, but Jesus will take us through them all. What we will be left with is a testimonya�� a Life Message.

Haggai 2:22-23 tells us that God will shake the heavens and the earth, overturn and overthrow and shatter for us and will make us like a signet ring, for He has chosen us.

Leta��s share God. Do not keep Him for yourself. We can learn from each othera��s experiences and thata��s how we can stand and say we are overcomers.

My life is a living testimony, so is yours. Dona��t keep your message locked up. Share it! It may save someone.


But you are chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation , a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light A� A�-1 Peter 2:9.


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