Listen Up!

“God speaks!” I said rather annoyed.

My friend continued to look at me like I had two foreheads.

“What was so strange about that?”

Surely as a Christian he should have agreed hastily. Even adding his own evidence. But noooo, he just sat there with an irritating grin on his face.

Meanwhile, I was growing agitated by the second.A�

And what irked me the most was feeling like it was my job to enlighten him when all I wanted to do was clobber him.

He was making me feel like a fool.

“God speaks! How do you not know that?” A�

I insisted on making my case though I wished I could have just shut up. But eventually I relented, I would have sooner given myself hypertension before I would ever get him to agree with me. The truth is, he could not attest to something he had never experienced.A�

To think that God..GOD..could ever speak to ‘lil ole him’, was so inconceivable that it became hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg without an rx. laughable.A�

The reality is that many people, like my friend, feel the same way. They question whether or not God still speaks today. And they think that God’s voice was a privilege only men in Bible days had the occasion of hearing. Any talk of God speaking now, to them, is religious fanaticism or supernatural mombo jumbo.

But the question is not whether or not God speaks, rather, the question we need to focus on is, “Are we listening?”

There is no doubt that God speaks. He absolutely does! But the underhanded scheme of this world is to distract us and block our senses from receiving God’s communications. Therefore, it will not always be easy to hear Him, unless we are truly paying attention.

As my friends and I walked through Manhattan in December, we passed a man on the sidewalk with a sign urging people to repent. He was also shouting this message of repentance for all to hear,but no one seemed to notice him except my friend Sandie and I.

I don’t think they purposely disregarded him, but Manhattan was simply too crowded, too loud, and too busy to see him, let alone hear him speak. And everyone was just out to have a good time.

Both Sandie and I realized something though, but she was the one who asked the million dollar question, “How come we heard the man when no one else seemed to?”

We were on the same congested, loud street as all the other people; subject to the same distractions as they were, yet, at the sight and sound of the mention of Jesus, our attention was captured.

Finally, I answered Sandie’s question based on something Jesus had said to His disciples, “We heard because we have ears to hear.”

Jesus made this statement in Matthew 11:15 and several other scriptures thereafter. He usually said it after He had given a parable or shared something that would have been difficult to understand. The premise of the statement, “He that hath ears to hear , let him hear” is that whoever is willing to accept the truth will and whoever wants to understand will receive understanding.

In our case, regardless of how difficult it is to hear God in this tumultuous world, it is easier to hear when we actually listen.

By now you’ll realize that Jesus is not talking about the physical ears, rather, He is referring to a sensitivity to the things of God that allows some people to quickly grasp things that are lost on others. Being sensitive to the name Jesus and the call to repentance is what caused Sandie and me to hear the man quickly regardless of the hustle and bustle of the city.A�

I could easily use this man as a type of Jesus. He stands calling us into a life with him, knocking on the doors of our hearts. He gives us signs and sends his messengers with words, but we don’t hear.

Revelations 3:20 says, ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.’

It is easy to hear God’s voice, but not many of us do because we are out to have a good time separate from Him. For some of us, our lives are so congested and full of drama, that our spiritual ears are clogged. Its either the bills, the children, the career, the social life or the image, but never about God. And so we have no ears to hear because His voice won’t compete serpina side effect. with all that we have going on.A�

1 Kings 19:12 tells us that God spoke to the Prophet Elijah in ‘a still small voice’. He does not shout and so those who hear Him will be the ones who care to.

Just as it is with that man on the sidewalk, we go on with our lives oblivious that God is speaking to us – calling us. And we conclude that He doesn’t speak because we have never heard Him.A�

Isn’t it time to slow down and hear what God is trying to say to you?A�

Don’t you want to know whether or not you are going down the wrong path so that you can make right decisions?

Whether we are saved or unsaved, God has things He wants to say to us, and being a christian doesn’t give us automatic access to God’s voice if we aren’t listening for it. It is our responsibility to listen on purpose and be open to His voice or else we will never hear it or recognize that it is Him speaking.

His voice doesn’t come with thunder and lightening. It is usually a smooth communication through everyday life, experiences and relationships. And the incomplex nature of it is what causes people, even Christians to question whether or not He communicates at all.

However, it is God’s will for all of us to be so connected with Him that we hear him often. He wants us to be in a place where we can receive His direction, His messages and guidance without any doubt, and to act on them. We can either choose to slow down and listen or we can remain closed to His efforts to communicate with us. But only one of those choices will lead to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

If today you are among those who are having trouble hearing, but in your heart, you really want to, I invite you to say this prayer with me:

Lord, I believe you want to speak to me and are speaking to me today but I am not able to hear. I ask that you remove every hindrance from my life that is preventing me from recognizing when you are speaking to me. I want to hear what you have to say and be led by you. Teach me how to listen so that I can enjoy a deeper relationship with you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hereon-out, as you go through your days, don’t go about on auto-pilot. If you are going to hear, you have to listen purposefully. Take some quiet time and just sit and think about God. Talk to Him and Ask Him questions. He may not answer right then but in whatever way He chooses to respond, you have to be open to realize when the answer comes. KeepA�that open communication with God and you will be amazed at what He will say to you.



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