Make Peace with your imperfections!

When my daughter was a baby, she would always be attempting A�the next thing. She was a very smart child; she walked early, talked early and because she was so eager to learn, she never seemed satisfied with doing age appropriate things but was always attempting the next stage- even when she wasn’t ready.

As Christians, especially young Christians, we too feel the need to push and conquer even when we aren’t ready. Instead of taking our time to grow and develop in God, we want to fast track to the next stage.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to grow, but like a baby, growth takes time and happens in stages. We have to give ourselves the necessary time and space to make mistakes and learn from them. We must be patient, otherwise, we will not be able to experience the goodness and peace of effexor xr order online. God as we grow.

God is not impatient, He is nurturing and kind. He knew that there would be lots of work to be done in you when He called your name; He knew what He was getting into. He saw the baggage, the anger problem, the self esteem issues, the bad habits, the doubts and the fears. He was not intimidated. He believes you are worth His time and energy and with patience and love, He has begun His work in you.

Do yourself a favour- be patient with yourself.

You won’t get it right all at once, you’ll make the same mistakes a hundred times before you have the victory and even then, you may still have to stand your ground not to relapse. It may seem as if everyone has it so well together but resist the inclination to copy them. They are examples and guides, not a measure of your growth.

Don’t be so hard on yourself- accept your faults, keep trying and be obedient to God’s voice as He instructs you.

I was listening to Joyce Meyers a few days ago and heard her A�say something that was so simple but truly inspiring. She said “learn to be joyful even in your imperfect state”. While talking to my mother, I realized she had to learn the same lesson too and I thought of the countless people who, like me, are wearing themselves out trying to ‘correct’ themselves.

Its a simple message and it takes a renewal of your mind daily. Its easy to become discouraged and wonder when you’ll ever change..or if it is at all possible. You probably can’t see beyond your present stage but STAY IN YOUR LANE.A�

It is not in your time, but God’s time that you will begin to see progress. In the meantime remind yourself “I am not perfect, but I serve a perfect God and He is doing a mighty work in me”, instead of focusing on your shortcomings and failures, celebrate your victories, refrain from comparing yourself to others, its not practical to be on the same level with someone who has been saved for decades, know that it is a process and albeit slowly, you will eventually shed all those little things you cannot yet shake if you keep trusting God.

God doesn’t want you to beat yourself up and live in torment over a problem you can by no means fix on your own. While you grow, He wants you to yield, find the joy in him and make peace with your imperfections. Jesus said “I came so they may have life and have it abundantly“(John 10:10b). When you walk in constant disappointment, you are refusing the abundant life that He wants you to have.

You have made a good choice. It is the best one you’ll ever make, it took courage and faith. That is an awesome first step, now take your time as you make the next. God is holding your hand as your baby steps become more purposed, and He rejoices over every milestone you pass. Don’t miss out on the celebration because you are too busy contemplating the falls along the way. Your falls are inevitable but keep getting up, keep growing, learning and desiring more and more of Him.

You will get there, just be patient with yourself and make peace with your imperfections.A�


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