Mountain Moving Faith

We have all heard of the word faith but do we genuinely understand it? We speak of it often but do we really exercise it?

My best friend and partner in a�?crimea�� ever so often likens faith levrita gelly farmacy on line. to a muscle. He believes that once this essential muscle is exercised, stretched and used it produces enormous results.

On the contrary he also believes that if the muscle is not exercised, if it does canadian sources for sialis. not experience any exerted pressure it remains weak and sometimes may even prove to be useless.A�

He is absolutely right.

I recently started naming my days each morning. For example today is Tuesday and for me it is Unexpected Blessings Day! No one can convince me otherwise, it is my way of exercising my faith. I speak my day into being instead of just allowing it to happen to me. The day may not go perfectly but it never fails.

God responds not to tears, complaining and fear. He is a God who responds to our unfailing faith in Him.

Do you remember the story of the Centurion man from Capernaum? (Matthew 8:13) I get goose bumps every time I read that passage. There is so much that we can we learn from that story about faith.A� Or what about the story of the woman mentioned in Mark 5: 25-29 who had a bleeding issue? She just wanted to touch the hem of Jesusa�� garment and her faith made her believe that by just touching Him she would be healed.A�

Sometimes we need to try the seemingly crazy stuff to get Goda��s attention.

I am a salea��s woman by profession and many days I travel with my products expecting buyers to pop up out of nowhere and guess what – they normally do. I have some a�?unrealistica�� expectations and I have an assurance that they will all happen. I simply write my goals or expectations down and everyday I take small steps towards them a�� in faith.

I used unrealistic because many persons are so blinded by their own doubts and disbelief that they dona��t think the good they wish for themselves is possible or will ever happen. Ca��mona�� Where is thy faith?

There is no such thing as impossible, only IT IS POSSIBLE.

Exercise that essential muscle of faith today and see all the possibilities that exist around you. Even mountains will move at your command, if you only choose to believe.

a�?Jesus said to him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.a�? Mark 9:23

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