That place called ‘Comfort’

So Nekita, how do you like the choir?’, the choir director asked me.

I had been on the choir for two weeks and I wanted to scream, ‘Maaaaake it stopppp!!’‎ But instead I calmly responded, ‘It’s different. I am accustomed to worshiping from my seat so this is taking some getting used to.’
I went on to explain that my bench was sort of like my cocoon and being out of it, I felt very misplaced.
‘But, I’ll get used to this.’ 
I ended.
What the choir director doesn’t know is that my seat in church is not random at all. It is strategically chosen. It is the seventh bench on the right side, not too close to the front, not too close to the back but somewhere in the middle.
I sat in the third seat in the row so there were enough people to my right and to my left. This formed a sort of enclosure around me and if I was lucky, that lady with the enormous hats would sit exactly in front and keep me perfectly hidden.
I did not want to be seen. I did not want any attention as I worshiped. I just wanted to ‘BE’ in the sanctity of ‘my space’ – My little cocoon.
Now if this is the length I went through to stay incognito, you can only imagine what it was, and sometimes still is like being on that elevated podium every Sunday.
It is no joke!
A part of me still wants to go back to that seventh bench where I am most comfortable, but those days are long gone. I have to adapt and learn to function in my new space, not yet a cocoon but getting more comfortable as the Sundays stroll by.
I thought about comfort a lot during my first few weeks on the choir. The initial Sundays were downright painful and I thought of every possible exit strategy including, but not limited to an exaggerated headache.
Everything in me wanted to run but I sensed something greater in all my discomfort.
God was shifting me and I knew it. Matter of fact, it was very similar to the way an eagle gets her eaglets to spread their wings and fly.
When she believes it is time for her precious eaglets to fly, she shakes the nest rather aggressively and as the eaglets are flung into the open sky, not knowing what to do or how to function, they suddenly discover something amazing – They have wings.
If I could humanize the eaglets for a second, I imagine as they fell they would have their eyes fixed on their mother asking, ’How could you?’

It seems like such a cruel thing to do, until they recognize that Mommy eagle had the best of intentions.
She wanted them to see something in themselves that they did not know was there all along – Something that could not have manifested in the nest.
She wanted them to discover their wings and soar.
God wants the same thing for you and I. The potential to soar is in us, and He will bring it out if we’ll let Him.
Our instinct is always to stay in that familiar place. We create nests of safety and we want to remain there for as long as is humanly possible because making any step is too scary…far too uncertain.
But can I ask you something? How will you ever know what you can do? How will you ever realize your full potential or see the span of your gift? How will you get to see how great you can be if you become comfortable with just being good?
If you sense God shifting you to something greater today, don’t fight it. My encouragement to you is, ride out the very uncomfortable and oh so painful transition. It’s just a part of the process and it will get easier, I promise. Leaving what we know behind is never easy, but making any step with God is always rewarding.
Resist the urge to hold on to your cocoon with a death grip. Let go and let God show you that you have wings and you can fly and thrive with the best of them. There’s greatness in you yet to be realized so be brave my friend and make that move.
“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” – Unknown
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