Opportunities are always present, look around and take advantage of them

canadian prescription prices. viagra and cialis ordering in canada. I was at the bar of the resort lamenting over the interview that was an absolute mess, but I did not know that I was in the right place at the right time for another great opportunity.

I stopped on Knutsford Boulevard before driving to a resort in Portland and there I saw a man on the sidewalk selling socks.

a�?Can I get your story?a�? I called out to him from my car.

He agreed and I parked and met him at the side of Burger King.

He shared that he lived in Trench Town and sold socks on the streets in Kingston to support his family.

The story was so authentic, true Jamaican style.

Can you then imagine my horror when I was on my way to the resort and replayed the audio and realized that it was complete crap?

There was a buzzing sound in the background and I could hardly hear him.

It was Wednesday and the radio programme was set to be aired on Friday.

I wondered what to do.

Bar View

I walked from my room, across the lush green grass that is true to Portland and went to the bar. The resort was not very occupied so there was plenty of opportunity for alone time.

To get to the bar I had to walk through the restaurant.

There I saw two men seated.

I said good morning and asked where I could find the closest socket to charge my laptop.

They pointed to a stool at the edge of the long bar counter.

I propped myself there.

a�?Maybe I should just run a rebroadcasta�?, I thought to myself.

I didn’t want to do that.

It has been so incredibly fulfilling sharing a new story each week.

I paused, took a deep breath and looked around.

Above me were the two men I passed earlier.

a�?Ask them for a storya�? a thought came to me.

a�?A story? Are you crazy!? How am I to just ask them like that!?a�?

By now I should be accustomed to that teeny weeny voice that often instructs me to do things which under normal circumstances I would not do.

I hesitated but then said, a�?heya�? calling out to them.

They turned and looked down at me seated at the bar.

a�?Can I get a story?a�?

I explained that I produce an inspirational show on Roots 96.1fm and the story I was working on was not really good for use.

a�?Is anyone here with an inspirational story that i could use?a�?

They looked around at each other. A waitress who had come by to serve, looked around and quickly walked away.

a�?I’ll do it!a�? The older of the two gentlemen said.

He got up from his seat and joined me.

a�?Can I also do video!?a�? I asked him, and he said yes.

With excitement I quickly scampered off to my room to get my video camera and while I was at it slathered on some lip stick.

That day I sat in the lobby of Sea Cliff Resort in Portland Jamaica and heard the story of Mr. Errol Hanna. The gentleman turned out to be the Chairman of the very resort where I was staying.

When I walked to the bar he just so happened to be seated just a few tables away from me.

What if I hadn’t asked? What if I had not followed the prompting of that teeny weeny still voice in me that prompted me to do it?

What if I was too fearful?

I would have missed out on a grand opportunity.

I realised that morning that opportunities are always there, right before us. Often times we are the ones who miss them because:

  1. We are so caught up with something that went wrong. We are crying over a mistake or a spoiled job and because of this we do not lift our heads and look aroundA�to see that there are other options; or
  2. We allow fear and pride to keep us seated.

I asked Mr. Hanna what he would say to persons who stop pursuing their vision or dreams after meeting an obstacle.

He shared a story of a man who told him to never stop swinging the bat because one day you must hit the ball.

a�?Stay focused. Choose your target and keep at it. And if you fall brush the dirt off your backside and get up and go again.”

I think that message is so relevant for everyone who is striving to achieve great things in life.

Catch a bit of the interview with Mr. Hanna below.

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2 thoughts on “Opportunities are always present, look around and take advantage of them

  1. Candice Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing Sandie. Powerful message and also a timely reminder that we should never let the fear of striking out keep us from playing the game 🙂

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