People – It is time for Restoration

The greatest dilemma that exists within the human psyche is the dichotomy between what one wants to believe and what one has been taught to believe.A� The act of reprogramming oneself is hard. Ita��s hard to abandon what has been taught.

Our social constructs, culture, educational systems and even religious systems bind us in chains. It is something that started even before we had a chance to choose and it is difficult and deemed a great evil if one tries to break free.

For some of us a part of our innermost being wants to be free a�� wants to let go a�� wants to travel elsewhere.A� We want to travel another path. Something calls out to us; it is distant yet close, unknown yet very, very familiar. It is something that is sensed and it gets stronger and more distinct as we develop.

We want to go. There is something in us that can hear the call a�� the sounding of the trumpets, the call for the watchman to arise and awaken but we stand still. We wonder about it. It is so different.A� We ask ourselves, a�?what is this thing? I will not be like the others if I respond! I will be like an alien! I will not be accepted in this matrix! I will be laughed at and ridiculed…a�� The Trojan horse encoded in our cellular system rises at the threat of one daring to think contrary a�� daring to be different.

The chains tighten.

We have been taught to have a concept of what is good and what is bad or evil. Even this concept many fail to understand. It does nothing but impose great fear within us to get us walking the path they themselves have created. This path however was never for us so we falter. We grow frustrated, tired, confused and sad. Before long, though we are fed soothing remedies, we realize something is wrong. The craving and emptiness returns and the yearning to step outside the box and break the chains increase.

The institution realizes this need, this craving that we have to connect to the deep. It is that which they fear.A� They know that if we truly connect we will discover who we really are and will no longer be slaves to their system. So they offer us a remedy, a a�?sourcea�� we should worship. Do it this way, do it that way they tell us and before long confusion overtakes us. What they have given has so many faces, so many names a�� we do not know which to choose.

The call sounds again but we start to eye it with suspicion. How do we know that this is not just like the others? There are so many, how can one know what is true?

Still the knowing gets stronger and the need to break free intensifies. The cells in the body multiply – the energy within rushes to the energy source without and something quickens.A� That which is limitless calls us from the limitations, calls us to go beyond.

Some of us want to go. We want to really believe. Though we may be bruised in the struggle, a time comes when we decide to go and as we ask and seek and knock – we receive, find and doors are buy soft viagra. opened.

We finally choose this way because the call is just too great. It is that which sounded and marked us from our birth, it is that which is embedded in our biological code. It is that which we have always known but have suppressed.

In time it awakens us to compel us to move in the direction it is leading. To lead us back to it.

It is time. It is time for restoration – back to your Creator.

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