Place of Stillness

On Sunday I spent some time helping a frienda��s mom to search for tiles at a hardware.

She is renovating a house that will be listed for rental soon and needs help because she is outside of the island.

I got to the hardware in the morning but did not leave until the afternoon. The representative who assisted was very helpful and might I add patient, as I snapped photos and did voice notes to send to her for approval.

When we got done I felt so exhausted. I had seen just about every ebei pastillas levrita. tile I think there is to see in the whole world; countertop tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, heavy tiles, light tiles a�� all sorts.

After we made our decision and finalized payments the representative connected us with an older man on the outside who he said could handle the delivery for us. I watched him as he strolled about comically in slippers and socks, shorts and a marina as the sun blared overhead.

We later agreed on a price for the delivery, amidst his mutterings that we could not expect him to unload all the tiles by himself when we got to the destination.

Needless to say, it was a long day.

I got home in the afternoon about 4pm feeling so beat.A� When I got in I walked to my bedroom and went straight to bed.

About 3am I woke up. My usual routine at that time is to sleep walk to the bathroom, pee and return to bed except this time I didna��t move. I opened my eyes and it dawned on me how very quiet the place was.

It was a silence that I remembered but had not communed with in a while.

I remember when I first discovered it. For months I would awake at the same time every single morning. I would use the bathroom and then rustle to get back to sleep but I couldna��t and so I would just lay there.

That is when I began to realize how silent the place was; no barking from any dogs and absolutely no movement in the house. The world stood still for a while and I listened.

In that moment it is almost as if there was some sort of magic happening. The silence was active and my spirit felt incredibly still.

That day after the hardware visit I woke up to it again, as if it was a reminder to me that it was still there and for me to come back to it.

When I think about it, it is that silence that I sort of disconnected from somewhere along my spiritual journey.

I got so caught up with roles assigned to me and many different activities and it all created a kind of noise in my life after a while. There was constant chatter and a kind of busyness took over that moved me away from that place of stillness.

Interestingly, it is when I am in that place of just being completely still that I am best able to function.A� It is not a place of unproductivity but rather a place where I am settled and centered (calm). It is a place where I am able to hear clearly and when I am in that place everything that I seek to do creatively flows out of me without any hassle.

Psalm 23:2-3 came to mind as I thought of this, a�?He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restores my soula��a�?

A lot of times our souls are troubled and anxious and it is because we are so far away and need to get back to that place of stillness with God.

The sheep draws from the water when it is still. How could the sheep possibly pull from the water when it is troubled and rough? Ita��s hard for it to get anything in that state, but when the waters are still it is able to drink and get the nourishment that it needs.

Likewise God calls us to that place of coversyl 8mg. calm. If we have moved away the invitation is extended for us to find ways to get back to it. Sometimes in order to get back to that place, as with my experience you may have to step away from a lot of things; including some roles and even some friendships.

I learnt and continue to learn that God does not desire for us to be running around like headless chickens. When we are in that state we cana��t hear from Him and the things that He wants to pour through us cannot flow effectively because the channel is blocked.

And so this comes as a reminder for you as it was for me, to take a moment and stop for a while and just listen. Listen if your atmosphere and inner being is quiet.

He may very well be trying to communicate with you; to give you instructions, to lead you and guide you just as He has promised, but youa��re unable to discern it because your spirit is not calm or at peace. Every now and again take the time to de-clutter and be still.

Bless you.

[photo credit: 1. My friend Kadia Allen looking out at the sea. 2. google image]


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