Prayers Answered

Ita��s so amazing to know I serve a God who answers my prayers.

I dona��t quite understand how it works but all I know is that it does especially when i begin to see the results. God is not a physical being, he is not like a human being who I can sit and talk with face to face. I cana��t see God, cant see his eyes, his hands or feet but when i begin to experience the works of his mighty hands i realize that he truly exists.

Last week I found myself thinking about love, not the romantic type of love but the Godly kind. I started thinking after I had an argument with a friend who said some really disappointing things to me. My mother had also called a few days before that requesting money and when I failed to honour her request she said some things to me that were really painful. After those two experiences, I felt my heart hardening. My mind was responding immediately, sending instructions for personality adjustments.
1. Stop overextending yourself;

2. Stop being so open and friendly with people; and

3. Be a little selfish, stop allowing others to take you for granted.

After a few minutes and with the instructions manual still being downloaded I felt the still part of me begin to speak.

1. Give of your love freely;

2. Think the best of everyone even when they disappoint you; and

3. Be selfless and forgive easily and quickly.

As the download was almost complete I began to pray. I felt a little disappointed because I didnt want to fail God. I focused and centered myself and I started talking to God about love, the kind i found hard to do. a�?Lord, I want to know how to love, I want you to pour out your love in me so I may be able to pour it out in others, please teach me how to love, please help mea��, I asked earnestly. I knew in my heart what God required. I knew he wanted me to have a heart of love and extend the love to others but at that moment it seemed so very hard to do.

Several days before a deacon had approached me at church and told me he had a book to give me to read. As soon as I was finished praying a thought flashed in my mind of him. I heard, a�?the book, uncle Tony, uncle Tony, the booka��. I started feeling anxious about getting the book, as if somehow the book he promised had the answer. I started talking to God some more, a�?Lord please let uncle Tony carry that book tonight and I hope it will helpa��. I didnt even intend to go to church that night because I was having such a long day at work but I was so anxious to receive the book that i decided to go.

Throughout service I kept glancing in uncle Tonya��s direction thinking, a�?did he remember, oh God, lord I hope he remembereda��. At the end of the service I walked over to him, I just couldna��t wait. As I got close I heard him instructing his daughter to get the book for me. I couldna��t wait on her so I walked to his seat as he was busy packing chairs and searched for the book. Among all the papers I saw a book with an old tattered cover entitled, a�?Love, the way to victorya��. I picked it up gently and held it close to my chest and walked back to Uncle Tony to confirm that i had the right book and he said yes.

As he and I walked to the parking lot I decided to share what I had been praying about. I thought it was important to tell him that God was answering my prayer through him. He then told me that he had looked in my direction during Sundaya��s service and the lord told him to give the book to me to read. I stood still and smiled and immediately felt a peace upon me. Inside I smiled with God as my heart told him thank you. It was another reminder that he had heard me and had come through just in best generic cialis pharmacy reviews. time.

When I got home I started reading and the book written by Kenneth E. Hagin was addressing all the concerns I had from the first page. In chapter 1 Hagin speaks on the characteristics of the God-kind of love. This is how the book begins,

a�?And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but THE GREATEST OF THESE IS CHARITY [Love] a�� 1 Corinthians 13:13
He that loveth not knoweth not God; For GOD IS LOVE. a�� 1 John 4:8
The Bible says that God is love. It also says that love is even greater than faith or hope. Well since God is love, then we need to know what love is a�� that is, the God-Kind of love.a�? Hagin Kenneth, Love The way to Victory, page 1

As I read the questions were being answered and I knew the lesson had started. When I settled in for bed that night I thought about how perfect God is in his ways. I mean of all things he sent a book to teach me, it was so perfect. Knowing quite well how I enjoy reading and researching, he sent material that suited me perfectly.

Isa��nt God just amazing? He always come through for me, ALWAYS. What I know is that God listens when we pray, he hears. He is not some distant stranger who doesna��t care about our well being. I know I can go to him whenever I need help and he will answer. I know there might be some things that you have been praying for that you have not received an answer for as yet. God will not fail you, he loves you and is very much interested in your affairs, even the things you think dona��t matter to him. He has heard your prayers, you just need to continue praying and believing and watch him come through in his own sweet timing and way.

Be blessed!

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