Season of Prophetic Shifts: Journey to Japan

I was standing in Tokyo Narita Airport.

It was hard to believe that I was actually there.

I was exhausted but still beaming with excitement for the journey ahead.

My life as an Assistant Language Teacher (a�?ALTa�?) in Japan was about to begin after what felt like a lifelong application process.

It was close to 4:00pm and I had just cleared immigration. I anxiously held on to my three pieces of luggage wondering where to go.

It nizoral shampoo website. felt as if I was thrown in a sea of Asian people without adequate lessons on how to stay afloat.

I looked around and saw a man dressed in a black suit and white face mask standing close to an elevator. A�I walked over to him with the map of the airport that my company had emailed to me and pointed to the area direct meds buy viagra usa. that was to be the meeting point and looked at him intently.

He looked at the map, and without making eye contact pointed to a section of the airport. He walked away quickly before I could say thank you or the bit of Japanese that I had studied (arigato gozaimasu -thank you in Japanese).

Everyone was moving quickly. It reminded me of New York City.

I made my way to the meeting area and stopped at the money exchange counter to convert funds as we were advised to do upon our arrival.

I passed eager faces holding signs and I looked to see if any had a name that I recognized.

It was like a scene from a movie.

Soon after I saw a woman holding a sign that bore my companya��s name.

a�?There!a�? I said to myself, and walked over to her.

a�?Hi, my name is Sandie Herona�? I told her.

She smiled and introduced herself then examined a list that she had with names.

a�?Jamaica! Long flight from Jamaica!a�? she exclaimed, and I agreed.

It was a 17 hour flight from Florida, with one connection in Dallas – way too long to be in an airplane in my opinion.

As we stood there exchanging pleasantries other ALTs began arriving; people from different parts of America, the Philippines and of course Jamaica.

The company representative had everyonea��s names on her list and she made a note as each person arrived.

There was a happy energetic buzz of activity.

As I stood there I sensed the Lord speaking to me.

I was canadian pharmacy that takes pay pal. led to pay keen attention to what was happening. There was a movement of people in the physical realm for a particular purpose – TO TEACH! The company had made arrangements for everyonea��s arrival.

School Welcome

I sensed that the Lord wanted me to understand that while this was happening there was a different kind of movement happening in the spiritual realm.

A prophetic move!

Like my company, He was behind the scenes moving and positioning people for His own purpose.

My mind went distant as I imagined angelic beings on assignment in the territory. They had their own list with the names of people who they were expecting. There was something way bigger happening than I could understand and I was a part of it.

God shifts us!

He moves us from our jobs, our communities, our social circles and sometimes from our countries.

When He instructs us to leave one place and go to another it is because He has a bigger plan in mind. Though we may not understand it at first our responsibility is to trust Him.

Making a big move can be daunting, however when God is the orchestrator of that move there is no need to worry. We can truly walk out Proverbs 3:5 and trust in Him with all of our hearts knowing that if He shifts us He makes provision for that move. He positions us in the right place and connects us with the right people in His perfect timing.

I am reminding you today to trust Him to take you where He wants you. Trust Him to put you in the right place at the right time, and when He leads, be sure to follow Him.

Ensure you follow Him to the place where your name is listed. When your name is called; whether in America, Japan, Korea or Jamaica, be sure that you are there to answer and to meet the heavenly hosts that await you.

Dona��t allow fear or doubt to cause you to remain stagnant and miss your divine assignment. God has an amazing journey ahead for you and He is getting ready to take you to places that you never thought of or even imagined you would be.

Just trust Him and be obedient.

About the Author: Sandie Heron is a Jamaican Radio Presenter/Producer living and working in Japan. She enjoys writing and video production and finds great joy in the simple things in life.A�

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