Purpose Syndrome… Signs and symptom that you have contracted purpose!

A�“There are two great days in a person’s life, the day when they were born and the day they discover why they were born. I am here to tell you that highly successful people discover why they were born.” – John c Maxwell

You could be one of the most anointed persons on earth, a person who is filled with the holy spirit but until purpose is known to you, you may find yourself trapped in the rat race of life, tired and very frustrated.

There are many people in church today who are filled with the holy spirit, speaking in tongues and demonstrating other gifts of the spirit yet they do not know the true purpose for their lives. They may ask questions such as, ‘why was I born?’ or ‘Why am I here?’A� but have no true conviction. It seems to be a simple question but it is a difficult one for many to answer.

In one of his sermons, Dr. Myles Munroe said, “the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose. It is more tragic to be alive and not know why than to be dead and not know life.” Many people are living this tragedy. Many are frustrated doing jobs that are not a part of their calling. Deep down they sense that something is wrong.

What is purpose? Purpose is the original intent for a thing, the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

We all have a purpose. When we ask ourselves questions such as , ‘what is it that the creator created me to do?’ or ‘what assignment on earth was I created to complete?’ it is purpose that we are trying to figure out.

I want you to know right now that you are fully equipped with the tools and talent(s) you need to fulfill your purpose. You may just not know it yet.A�

A bird does not need to attend a flight class in order to fly because flight was built into the bird. A fish does not need to go to swimming classes as it was designed and equipped with what it needs to swim. A fish never tries to be a bird because it was not designed to fly, if it did it would be a frustrated fish like so many of us trying to do something we were not designed to do.A�

So how do you know when you have found your purpose? What are the signs that you should look for?

Signs and symptoms that you have contracted purpose

Conviction– A�When you have conviction you will believe in something even to the point of death. It will drive you. Nothing on this earth will stop you until it is completed. You will realise you have something that is worth believing in even in the face of great opposition. Nelson Mandela is one person who had that conviction. It was so strong that he spent 27 years in prison for it. Another with great conviction was Jesus Christ. He also was arrested and later killed for what he strongly believed and taught.A� Founder of the company, ‘Apple’ also had this conviction. A conviction so strong that it caused him to sell his car in order to get the money to invest in a start up company. If you are experiencing this conviction about anything, pay attention – it might be an indication that your purpose is close.A�

Passion– A�When you discover your passion, you get excited. You will spend hours thinking about the idea, working on it, talking about it, investing all of your income without seeing any returns (if necessary). You will hold nothing back. Your passion will keep you up at nights because it is fun to do. You will spend time learning ways to develop skills to make you improve. What you do will no longer feel like work, you will actually want to get up every single morning to do it. A�

Vision– A� You will no longer be in personal pursuit but your purpose will drive you to look at the bigger picture. You may find yourself thinking of ways to use what God has given you to improve the lives of others. Vision is what will move you from focussing solely on personal pursuits such as buying a car or a house and cause you to look beyond. How can i make a real difference in this world? will be questions that you will want to answer.A�

Your vision will also outlive you.A� True purpose and vision carries terbisil uk. on long after the visionary has died. Nelson Mandela who died recently will be remembered for decades. His vision will carry on. Jesus Christ who died over two thousand years ago is still remembered today. The vision and conviction of these leaders was so strong that it inspired many others to believe and follow them.A�

Energizer- A�Scientists have proven that when a bird is flying it has the most energy and this can cause the bird to live longer. It is the same for us. Our purpose energizes us. It will cause us to feel alive every single day and experience a sense of fulfillment like we have never known. A JOB many cause us to feel dead but when we find purpose we are awakened.A�

Inspire others– A� Your purpose will inspire others to follow you. It may be one person or millions. Millions of black and white people followed the young Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and believed in his dream “that one day little black boys and Girls can play with like white boys and girls.” We have seen that dream become a reality.

These signs should help to move you in the direction of your purpose. It is important that you find the purpose for which you were created and do everything you can to fulfill it. What God calls for He will provide for so once you find your calling you will be walking the path of providence.A�

Like the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ, we are to die empty, online pharmacy safe. not when we are old and sick. Jesus died at age 33 and still he accomplished his purpose and served the people of the world in a tremendous way. Let us endeavour to do the same. Let us finish our course and pour out like an empty jar with nothing left to contribute.

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