Remember How You Felt Whena��

I was reading Napoleon Hilla��s a�?Think and grow richa�� a few weeks ago a�� fabulous book!

In the book there is a chapter on faith and in that chapter Napoleon asked readers to recall a moment in their lives when they prayed about something and got what they prayed for. He challenged readers to remember exactly how they felt as they prayed that prayer.

I immediately recalled an experience. It happened about 2 years ago when I was thinking about starting this website. I had received promptings and confirmations from different sources about having a website but I had absolutely no idea how to get started. I knew nothing about web development and it actually bothered me for a while.

One day I went to the rest room at work and as I stepped out of the cubicle a�� something happened. I felt a sense of joy that is just unexplainable. Something just happened and it happened SUDDENLY. It is almost as if some life force had attached itself to me and I felt soooo good.

In that moment I smiled, closed my eyes and with ease I said from my heart, a�?Lord thank you for the person you are sending to help me to build the website, thank you Lord! Thank you!a�� and I walked out of the rest room with renewed confidence, without any doubt about what I had just said. After that it didna��t bother me, I was at peace for the rest of the day a�� I just felt alright.

Well, a few days after that, voila! Someone just offered to help me and he was so patient with me. It wasna��t about money, he just believed in the vision that I shared with him and he was ready to help me get started (Shawn Wiltshire of onesnzeroesjamaica a�� absolutely terrific!)

Something magical had happened in that experience and it is just what Napoleon Hill was directing readers to.

Sometimes when we pray we get ourselves soooooo worked up. It is almost as if God becomes concrete and we have to use a sledge hammer to knock out whatever we want. But people, I have experienced those moments of simplicity, of peace, of utmost joy and in those moments when I communicate with the source (what we call God) whatever I ask ALWAYS a�� I mean a�� ALWAYS comes to pass!

Something happens in the spirit, something happens here on earth. Oh how I wish I knew how to better explain it but something happens.

There is a story in the Bible when Jesus healed a disabled man. The lame man was lying beside a pool in Bethesda (a place in Jerusalem) along with other disabled people. He was there for a reason. Someone told Jesus about his condition and that he had been disabled for a very long time (38 years) and Jesus asked if he wanted to get well (be healed). The man explained that he wanted help to get in the water when it was troubled/stirred/moved. The man as well as the other disabled people knew that he had to get in the water at a specific time in order to be healed. (John 5)

His healing was his blessing, his breakthrough, his favour, his rain, his outpouring but he had to move at a specific time. He had to move when the water was troubled, They all knew that was when something supernatural would happen.

Think about that time when a�?somethinga�? happened to you. Think about that time when it seemed something supernatural happened and it seemed God stopped all He was doing to pay attention to you. Think about that seeming miracle. Think about that prayer that was answered. There is power and lessons in those experiences, lessons that you cannot afford to miss. There are principles in them that should be used as a precedent in your relationship with God and going forward. Think about it.

For example, in the experience I outlined above my spirit recognized, though my physical being may not have been conscious of it at the time, that the atmosphere was a�?troubleda�?. There was an open heaven. I was touched unexpectedly with or by something. I experienced, joy and love as a result and I felt incredibly happy and at peace.

Though I didna��t know how I would accomplish what I wanted, in that moment I felt a calm knowing, a reassurance and with ease I thanked God for the thing I wanted. You see I didna��t even ask. I already knew what I wanted and well a�� God knew it too so I gave thanks. No one taught me about it, it is a principle that I discovered on my own a�� in a very simple way.

So I said thanks and while I expressed gratitude there was absolutely no ounce, not an inch of doubt in my psyche. No doubt! I was confident. I wasna��t thinking about a bible verse. I wasna��t thinking about Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. buy lisinopril 10 mg without receipt. I wasn’t thinking about Moses carrying the Israelites through the red sea. No! I had a smooth calm confidence way down on the inside. It was a very simple moment.

All those things put together caused something to happen! What I asked for came to pass.

There are many other times when this feeling or knowing has come upon me. I just dona��t know what it is but my spirit knows. Sometimes as I am sitting in my office doing my tasks, a peace or stillness falls on me and suddenly I feel incredibly loved. One period it was happening so often that I became familiar with it and I started to respond. Once i paused from working and breathe it in. In my head it felt like twinkling stars or the fuzz you feel up at your nose when you pop coca cola. It is awesome. Once I locked my mind up in intimacy and whispered, ‘I love you’ and I could feel the essence of love being returned.

We are visited on numerous occasions but often we dona��t know. We dona��t know because we are always so busy, always so distracted in the physical realm but our spirit knows. Our spirit always knows when the Great One, the force, the source of all things living wants to connect. We belong to it, like the plants and the trees and the animals – we belong. We are all connected to each other as much as we are connected to it. But sometimes, ever so often we move away and the light of the force searches us out and comes back for us.

Just listen… just pay attention. The force comes and it brings nothing but love, joy, peace and happiness. It is what we call a�� God.

[Photo contribution courtesy of Nekita Cunningham]

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