Remove the Governor

There is a device called a Governor that is used to measure and limit the speed of motor vehicles. I learnt of it while listening to a sermon being preached by Bishop Courtney McLean of Worship & Faith International Ministries.

He was relating a story of his younger days when he enjoyed racing buses with other drivers.A�

His father had one of those old time buses – an encava that he would drive. He enjoyed driving; changing gears and accelerating.

He noted that his fathera��s bus was fast but after a while he noticed that there was a cap on the speed limit. No matter how he switched gears and sank his foot on the gas pedal the other drivers would get ahead of him.

He didna��t know what was going on. Some of the other drivers were operating buses just like his yet their speed was not inhibited.

He wondered about it and kept trying until someone told him about the device.

a�?There is a governor on the bus and that is limiting the speed and preventing it from going faster.a�?

With that information he said he used a pair of pliers and screwed off the governor from the bus and guess what, the next time he joined in the race his encava was able to get ahead.

The speed limiter was removed.A�A�A�

The sermon was really about faith but I saw how the story he shared was relevant. He was imploring his audience to remove the limits from their minds in 2016 and believe God for more. However while giving that exhortation he acknowledged that like the bus many persons had governors in their minds and over their lives that were limiting them and preventing them from getting ahead.

Just as a governor is used to limit the speed of a vehicle it is the same way that there are governors set over our lives to limit us. These governors come in different forms and vary from person to person but they serve one purpose and one purpose only; to cripple our progress, to dictate what we can or cannot do and just how far we can go.

The bus Pastor McLean was using was able to partake in the race, that was not the problem. He was able to switch gears; press gas, switch lanes but the speed limiter that was set prevented him from getting pass a certain level.

I thought of the Governors that may have been set in my own life; limiters in the form of beliefs and social conditionings as far back as childhood that sought to hinder my progress. I know that I would not be where I am today had I not been able to, like McLean, unscrew the governors and I know that there is more to be done before I can get to the next level.A�

Can you think of any limitations that may have been placed on you that are preventing you from moving beyond where you are right now?

People will place limits on you and sadly sometimes these people are our family, friends or co-workers. Some may seemingly encourage you to get ahead but there is a cap placed on how far they think you can go. They do not expect the exceedingly abundantly for your life and I have grown to accept that that is ok. It doesna��t matter what others think or believe, it doesna��t stop Goda��s hand from blessing you.

God wants to help us to change the debilitating mind sets that serve us no good. He wants to reach in with spiritual pliers and unscrew anything that has been set up to hinder viagra cost in india. us. He wants to demolish the strongholds.

a�?Enlargement does not take place on the outside until it does on the insidea�? Pastor McLean shared with his church. a�?Remove any cap that has been placed on your life,a�? He instructed as he flowed under the anointing, a�?There are no limits or boundaries with God. a�?


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