Silence that Voice!

I signed up for a National Mentorship Programme a few days ago. 3 days after I applied I called a group member from a previous mentorship programme to query whether or not she had applied to be a part of the programme and she said no.

a�?Why?a�� I asked her. I knew the programme would be good for her. She had been through so much and I just knew she had so very much to offer to people.a�?Bwoiee, Sandie a wah tell you say when I hear bout the mentorship programme I hear a voice say to me say, a how you a go mentor people when you need mentorship yuhselfa�� she said.

She and I laughed but I shook my head because the voice she heard seemed so familiar. I recognized the voice that spoke to her. It was the same stupid voice that spoke to me on many occasions and I bet it might be the same voice that sometimes speaks to you too.

We call it a�� a�?a voicea�� rather than a�?our voicea�� because it seems to be a separate voice from our own and though a lot of us may not understand it we know it well.

It comes and plays on our insecurities and fears and it has one mission and one mission only a�� to prevent us from doing or achieving anything. It tries to sabotage us, to stop us in our tracks a�� to make us do and become nothing.

Spiritual folks call it the devil/the enemy but the truth is that some cannot even understand that. How can the devil move and speak? Though we may not understand it many of us can admit that there seems to be a very negative sinister force at work in this universe that tries to cripple us.

How many times have you heard someone say, a�?is like sumn say to mea�� or a�?is like one voice saya�� or a�?is like a spirit saya��a�� What or who is doing all this talking? Do we ever really stop to think about it?

I realized for quite some time now that there are two voices that speak. I discovered it in the latter part of my teenage years when the voices started getting more distinct. I couldna��t put a name or title to each but I realized that one offered reassurance, peace, joy, comfort, conviction but the other, the levitra with no prescription. same one that spoke to my friend brings nothing but condemnation, doubts, turmoil and fear.

The voice tries to threaten or intimidate us; it pushes us, accuses us, and bosses us around. Listen carefully and you will know when it happens.

Imagine that you have a very important engagement and just as you are about to proceed you hear:
a�?You stay deh do it, watch an see wah a go happen to you, you stay deh you hear. Try siddung an no go no weh!a�� or imagine that you are in Church and about to raise your hand to worship and you hear, a�?wah you a badda put up yuh hand fa? You is nothing but a big ole hypocritea�� you tink God a hear youa��a�� or imagine your first few attempts to speak in tongues and you hear, a�?bere foolishness you a chat, you just a follow adda people, wah you a say no mek no sense, just shut up!a��

The voice wona��t stop, it knows no end a�� it has a mission!

Recently I had a presentation to do to complete Voice & Speech Training. It was my final assessment and I had to deliver a speech.A� My topic was the power of belief and I chose to speak about Tyler Perrya��s story. I had been practicing for days. A few minutes before I was called the voice reared its ugly head to give me a a�?pep talka��. I heard it go off, almost as if someone just came along and started whispering things to me.

a�?Sandie blah blah blaha��

a�?Sandie rae rae raea��

I knew that if I ever allowed that voice to take over that I would get nervous and start feeling inadequate and flunk the presentation I had prepared so much for. I couldna��t let that happen so I decided to fight! Somewhere inside it felt as if I was talking to a�?somethinga�� separate from retin a medication. me allowing me to address it a�� to silence it. Needless to say, I aced my presentation.

The fight to survive in this world is real. I am realizing how real and serious it is as I get older. I believe a lot of persons who have dropped out of the race of life by way of suicide have done so because of that same voice. It plagues you, it taunts you, it tries to weave its way into your thoughts and take over and once it takes that territory a�� you are done for!

Dona��t allow that to happen! When a�?the voicea�� creeps up on you a�� speak to it. Get crazy! Tell it to shut up and counter it with the truth.

The truth is the word of God! It is the same truth that Jesus Christ used in the Wilderness when the tempter came to him. The tempter is this same voice people! Call it what you may but we constantly live out scenarios where the tempter/the accuser/the voice speaks – every single day.

You have to have a strategy because the tempter will come after you to rob you of your destiny.

When the voice says, a�?you cana��t do it!a�� a�� Arm yourself with truth and declare, a�?I can do all things through Christ who strengthens mea��. When the voice says, a�?you tink it mek no sense you do da surgery ya! You still nah go livea��, say, a�?I shall not die but live and declarea��a�� When the voice says, a�?see deh, you fail again, might as well you just give up!a�� counter by saying, a�?God has plans to prosper me, not to harm me to give me hope and a future a�� I am going to try againa��a��

The word of God is important. It is sharp and effective. It is what we can use to silence the voice whenever it starts speaking. Once you open your mouth and start professing what God says and believe it the voice will quit, it will shut up, it will leave a�� just as it left Jesus.

Dona��t allow the voice to get on the inside. Dona��t allow the suggestions it gives you to become your own thoughts and it will if you begin to believe what it constantly repeats to you.

Your mind is the territory it is fighting for. Once it controls your thoughts, it controls you and then you can easily be led to your own destruction.

Goda��s aim is not to destroy you. He wants to give you life and life more abundantly. Listen when He speaks to you and tell every other voice that goes counter to what He is saying to shut up in the mighty name of Jesus!

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