The Struggle of Accepting and Walking in my Calling

It felt like I was constantly missing the target, like trying to hit a bulla��s eye but having your darts hit every other place except the centre.

I was seeking to go after the things that I really believed God called me to, but there was this busyness that took me over that sought to prevent it.A�A�A� .

I was caught up in so many things.

A lot of the things that I was doing were good things too except there was something else that was calling out to me and I could hear it.

It was like a distant call, bidding me to come closer, a�?Sandie, I am here, Sandie you need to come after me a�� Sandieee…a�?

There were times when I would get a touch of it, just a tiny taste and there would be a kind of spark.

I would write an article, do a vlog or get an opportunity to sit with someone and hear their story and I just felt this spark.

It was like a tiny light went off. It felt great each time and it gave me so much energy.

Somehow, I sensed that if I became one with the call and positioned myself in the channel in which it was flowing that there was going to be an explosion.

It was such a struggle however for me to do it until I went through a process.

The process involved resigning from some of the roles that were assigned to me. I stepped away from everything that I knew deep inside were not the specific things that I was supposed to do.

And let me tell you, when I began to do that, and I finally got the courage to say no to the people in my life who I respected and whose approval I wanted, there was a sort of magic that took place.

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Little by little, I began moving towards the exact things that gave me a deep sense of fulfillment and new opportunities presented themselves as if to assist me.

Ita��s strange that right now I do not hear the call anymore. There is no longer a distant beckoning, a�?Sandie, come! Come!a�? I believe that there is stillness now because I am right where I am meant to be.

I think that every person gets that call. There is this thing in the realm of the spirit that calls out to us. If we listen carefully we can hear when it says, a�?hey I want you over here, not there, come!!a�?

Just because one has a nice voice and can sing for example, it does not mean that he/she is meant to be singing on the Church Choir, maybe God wants him/her to sing in a theatre or somewhere else.

Whatever gifts we have that God has given to us, there is a specific way in which He wants us to use it and it will call out to us.

A lot of times we hear that call and we ignore it and what happens is that it becomes louder and louder to try and get our attention, but if we ignore it long enough or allow ourselves to become too distracted that call may go dim.

We must pay attention to what the spirit of God is saying to us and not just pay attention but respond to Him so that He can position us exactly where He wants us.

When we do this, we will be amazed at the wonderful things that will manifest in our lives.

Be blessed.

[About the Author: Sandie Heron is a Radio Presenter/Producer on Roots 96.1FM, a community radio station founded by the Mustard Seed Communities. The programme which airs every Friday at 12:45pmA� tells the stories of citizens in Kingston and other communities in Jamaica and overseas who remain positive and who beat the odds despite desperate circumstances.]

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